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Date Change Details
05-Dec-01 Added page for Pam Reaney and Friends (with an Evening of Songs) and added all the associated links.  Added more text to the profiles of Pam Reaney, Siobhan Hustler, Nathan Hunt and Theresa Hawkins.
04-Dec-01 Added photos from the IRIS premiere in New York on 2nd Dec.  Updated the homepage with details and graphics for next Jim Broadbent film, IRIS.
14-Nov-01 Added a whole load of new words and pictures on the IRIS page (with thanks to Miramax Films)
13-Nov-01 Updated the 'Latest News' on the Jim Broadbent Biography page.  Added page for new Jim Broadbent film A Lonely War (Currently in production)
10-Nov-01 At long last I have reorganised the photos on the Members' Profile index page.
09-Nov-01 Added a Link to the County Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society's new website, 
27-Oct-01 Updated the text in Samantha Talbot's profile.
23-Oct-01 Added new portrait photos for Tim Raynes, Christine Hughes, Ron Westman, Liz Doughty
22-Oct-01 Made some updates to the About this Website page.
15-Oct-01 Two new domain names purchased for the site... and 
12-Oct-01 Added cast photo for A Toe in the Water (with thanks to Malcolm Worth). Added Cannes photo and Green Fairy photo to the Moulin Rouge page. Added photos to the Life is Sweet page. Added photos to the Time Bandits page.  Added photo for Erik the Viking
11-Oct-01 Added a page for Jim's 1994 film  Wide Eyed and Legless also known as The Wedding Gift in the States.
05-Oct-01 Added A Toe in the Water page and all the associated links.
03-Oct-01 Added posters for Threepenny opera, Bazaar and Rummage / The Fear of Heaven, An Inspector Calls, Oleanna and Aladdin
01-Oct-01 Added Blackadder I page.  Added Heroes and Villains: The Last Englishman page.
27-Sept-01 Updated Gangs of New York page- check the trailer and the new photos.  Added a page for Blackadder's Christmas Carol.
26-Sept-01 Added another JB film, Widows' Peak.  Added comments to Bullets over Broadway, Moulin Rouge, Superman and Gangs of New York
25-Sept-01 Added Superman page to JB's Filmography

Added posters for Aladdin, The Diary of Anne Frank, Breath of Spring, Teechers, The Merchant of Venice, How the Other Half Loves, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Green Forms / Mother Figure / The Proposal and Jack and the Beanstalk.  Updated Diana Elrington's profile page with more posters.

18-Sept-01 Added posters for Steaming, The Winter's Tale, Hereward, Our Country's Good
17-Sept-01 Added a POSTER GALLERY accessible from the Past Productions page. (more posters to come soon)
16-Sept-01 Added Joseph photos.  (Many thanks to Phil Nix).  Added a whole load of Posters to many of the Past Production pages (more to come).  Also updated Diana Elrington's profile page to include some of her poster artwork.
15-Sept-01 Added Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat page and all the associated cast links.  More photos to come.
12-Sept-01 At last, I have replaced Julie Hogg's photo!  Added new portrait photo of Louise Hogg
11-Sept-01 Added photo of Roy Broadbent.  Added photo of the Holton Players nissen hut to the History page.
10-Sept-01 Created member profiles for Ruth Kitching, Willie Johnson, Hugh Rudge
09-Sept-01 Added new portrait photos to the profile pages of Rachel Hogg, Nathan Hunt, Douglas Ballard, Ruth Andrews, Hannah Strawson, Leo Spowage  Created profile page for Theresa Hawkins, Jade TruswellDaniel Hack, Duncan Hack, Georgina BoyersJessica Whitlam, Aaron Spowage, Phoebe Nicholls and Sam NuttingThanks to David Broughton and Julie Hogg for photos.
08-Sept-01 Updated Moulin Rouge page.  Created profile page for Nathan Hunt, John Harris, Ruth Greitschus, Jenny Greitschus, Madge Smith, Ann Harris, Freda Horton, Jonathan Kitching and Douglas Clark.  Wrote some words about David Potter, Tim Thornally, Malcolm Bates, Don Westman, Ron Westman and Joyce Westman
06-Sept-01 Added new biography for Simon Green
04-Sept-01 Updated the Moulin Rouge page.
22-Aug-01 Updated plot summery and review for Rough Magic
26-July-01 Added biography for Chris Hughes's profile.
25-July-01 Updated Hannah Strawson and Rachel Hogg's profile page.  
23-July-01 Added this Change Log page to the main menu on the left.
14-July-01 BIG NEWS!  After two years of devotion to the Broadbent Theatre, has grown and now has a split focus which includes a brand new section devoted to JIM  BROADBENT.  This is this first and only Jim Broadbent website on the Internet.
12-July-01 Added portrait photos to the profiles of Louise Hogg, Ian Rushby and Emma Major.  Added new picture of Charlotte and her hat.  Added new picture of Lara with Jim Broadbent and new picture of Patrick with Jim Broadbent.  Added a picture of the Holton Hall drawing room to the LRP History page.
09-July-01 Created Another Evening of Intimate Theatre page and added all the associated links. Created profile page for Christine Hughes.
05-July-01 Apologies to those who signed the guest book during the last couple of weeks in June.  I was on holiday and have screwed up and lost your entries.  Please please please sign again!
18-June-01 Added a link to Lincoln Shakespeare Company.  Check it out!
13-June-01 Created Member Profiles pages for Emma Lewis, Margery Smith, Alan Tasker, John Challen, Alun Bond, Graham Bird, Sandra Price, Gregory Guillemenet, Katrina Richards
12-June-01 Created Member Profiles pages for Gwenda Booth, Dale Robinson, Richard Spalding, Colin Hughes, Joyce Westman, Donald Westman, Betty Proctor, Jane Makin, Kate Walshaw, Helen Burke, Alan Micklethwaite, Margaret Stanney, Madge Johnson, Vi DaviesThe website is now 300 pages big!
08-June-01 Created  Member Profile pages for Ian Mckeand, Helen Harvey, Phil Brown, Geoffrey Mostyn Lewis, Ron Westman, Jill Charlton, Viv Pyttlik, Nancy Jones, Charles Minett
06-June-01 was unavailable today between 12:15am and 16:00pm.  This was as a result of an outage on the network of the service provider.  Apologies for any frustration this may have caused.
04-June-01 Added a few words to the profiles of Jeremy Price and Simon R Price
30-Apr-01 Created member profile for Damon Albarn.  New portrait photos of Nigel Dring and Kirsty Laminman
29-Apr-01 Created profile pages for Tim Thornally, Ivor Ketteringham and Linda Tilbury
28-Apr-01 Added Jungle Book and Robin Hood page and associated links on Member Profile pages.  Created Profile page for Nelly Brillouet
26-Apr-01 New photo of Patrick & Jamie on Patrick's Profile Page.
07-Apr-01 Created Profile Page and wrote biography for Paul Wetherby Wrote biography and added photo of Steve Channing Created profiles for June Raynes and Karen Raynes
05-Apr-01 Wrote biography for Bob Hewis
14-Mar-01 Loads of new photos and words on Tina Speck's profile.  New photos on Mother Goose and Sandcastles
12-Mar-01 New member profile for Cathy Harris (Eddie)
05-Mar-01 Updated Profile pages for ZoŽ Crick and Jenny Peachey.  Created profile for Bob Hewis.
04-Mar-01 Updated profiles for Lydia Peachey and Eleanor Peachey.
02-Mar-01 Added an excellent portrait photo of Samantha Talbot.  Created profile page for Alex Ogden.  Added a bunch of new photos to the Member Profiles list.
01-Mar-01 Updated and added photo to ZoŽ Crick's profile since I just discovered her on another website.
28-Feb-01 Added photo and text to Julie Taylor's profile.  Added photo to the profiles of Keith Rylands-Bolton and Emma Tuplin.  Added text to the profiles of  Lynn Chapman, Neil Taylor, Peter Langston and Phil Simmonds
24-Feb -01 Added new profile for Robert Buttery.  Updated profiles for Sheila Buckthorp and John Anthony
20-Feb-01 New profiles for Samantha Talbot, Jeni Grant, Tina Sharpington, Else Ball, Mary Greensmith, Sarah Roberts, Anna Fulton
19-Feb-01 Change Log split into two pages  - cos it was getting a bit long.  (see bottom of page).  The Guestbook has also been split (into three pages) for faster loading and better manageability.
19-Feb-01 this website is now backed up at  It would be worth book-marking this just in case you ever find that the usual address doesn't work due to a server fault.
18-Feb-01 New profiles for Marjorie Blatherwick, Joyce Simmonds, Matt Lee, Greg Platt, Don Sutherland
16-Feb-01 New portrait picture of Katherine Boyce.  Added portrait picture of Trevor Minett
16-Feb-01 Some users may have experienced some intermittent availability of the website today.  Please accept my apologies... the problem was due to a denial of service (DoS) attack on the servers that publish the DNS. are taking steps to ensure that is cannot happen again.
15-Feb-01 Created profile pages for Luke Taylor, Diana Elrington, Piers Elrington, Melanie Elrington, Matt Rivers, Luke Downend, James Hay-Barr, Darren Cribb, Lorna Cribb and Mat Mannion
13-Feb-01 New Member Profiles for Dee Broadbent, Malcolm G Bates, Alison Henry, John Males, Toni Bryan, Brian Tasker, Rowan Crymble, Steve Channing, Ron Colbourne, Marilyn Dray, Peter Langston and  Liz McLeish Also added text to Sheila Buckthorp's profile.  If you think any of the profile's text isn't up to much, that'll be because you know the person better than me and you need to pass me some details!
11-Feb-01 Added profiles for Elizabeth Doughty, Robert Doughty, Steven Doughty, Lynne Alexander, Jason Young, John Anthony, Ian Rushby and  Emma Tuplin.  Also completed the Mother Goose page and added all the associated links.  I have also reviewed and updated much of the text in many of the Member Profiles.... you're just going to have to read them all if you really want to know which ones I've changed!
29-Jan-01 Picture of Jim Broadbent added to the home page - Much more Jim Broadbent to come - the site will soon be split to focus on both him and the theatre.
28-Jan-01 New Mother Goose photo on the Home Page and also on the Mother Goose page.  Also Jim Broadbent award photo on the Home Page
21-Jan-01 New portrait photo of Ted Warner
12-Jan-01 Small update to Joy (Pritchard) Bosman's profile... check the last sentence!
12-Jan-01 Please accept my apologies for the lack of service over the last 2-3 days.  I have made improvements to the website hosting that will provide long term benefits... I anticipated a 20 minute downtime but an unforeseen third party error caused a somewhat longer outage which was out of my hands... Sorry!
09-Jan-01 Added portrait pictures to the profiles of Emma Major and Tina Speck

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