by VJ Clark

directed by Graham Davidson
assistant director: Mary Davidson
original music and lyrics by VJ Clark

Hereward is loosely based on the Lincolnshire folklore hero Hereward the Wake and tells the story of one man's fight with himself, and against the oppression of the Normans, led by William the Conqueror. This pacy, sometimes tragic, often humourous, semi-musical play has something to offer all but the very young.

The play covers a period of approximately sixteen years.



Hereward Simon R Price
Martin Lightfoot Mary Davidson
Herluin (the Monk) Gail Dennis
Boy Robert Dennis
Godiva Sheila Buckthorp
Brand Neil Taylor
Gilbert of Ghent Graham Davidson
William of Normandy Hugh Dower
Steward Pauline Read
Lucy Kirsty Laminman
Guard Gregory Guillemenet
Hamish Elizabeth Lamming
Scot Jenna Ryan
Guard Bill Peachey
Sir Baldwin of Bruges Sandra Price
Adele Jenny Peachey
Tara Lara-Jane Tomlinson
Thord Gunlaugsson Nigel Dring

Musical Director: Ruth Andrews


Stage Management Charlotte Broughton, Chris Eaton & Tracy Harkin
Continuity Lisa Langston
Design Graham Davidson
Set Construction Ian Uprichard
Lighting Patrick Markham
Sound Darren Cribb
Soundtrack Graham Davidson
8 Track Recording Andrew Oxspring
Poster Design Diana Elrington
Costume Katrina Richards & Mrs Goodyear
Box Office Hugh Dower
Programme Layout Ted Warner


The Hereward cast (above)

Above: Tara with Godiva (Lara & Sheila)

 Pictured below: Tara with Hereward (left) and with Lucy (right)









Right: Hereward embraces Tara (Simon R Price and Lara-Jane Tomlinson)



Black & White photography by Sandra Turner.  Colour photographs courtesy of Lara Tomlinson