Breath of Spring

Breath of Spring

by Peter Coke
directed by Graham Davidson

Dame Beatrice houses a collection of middle-aged 'guests', but the real head of the household is Lily, her maid. To repay Dame Beatrice for giving her a job despite her criminal past, Lily presents her with a mink cape filched from the flat next door. The brigadier deploys his 'troops' to return the fur. Indeed, the whole campaign is so invigorating that they are all determined to retain this excitement in their lives by forming a syndicate to steal furs and give their profits to Dame Beatrice's favourite worthy causes. There are some sticky moments, but they continue with their gentle larceny until Lily, mistrustful of their amateurism, makes them promise never to touch another fur. But life is so flat after the police depart. Perhaps they cannot steal furs, but.....

The play is set in the mid 1970's with the action taking place in Dame Beatrice's London apartment.



Ms Nanette Parry ("Nan") Mary Davidson
Brigadier Albert Rayne ("Bertie") Hugh Dower
Lily Thompson Angela Hunter
Alice, Lady Miller Julie Upton
Dame Beatrice Appleby ("Bee") Sheila Buckthorp
Ms Elizabeth Hatfield ("Hattie") 'Titch' Rivett
Detective Sargeant Pape John Clarkson
Constable Kemp Chris Hudson



Stage Management Pauline Uprichard & Charlotte Broughton
Assistant to Stage Management Elaine Dower
Production Assistant Jenny Brundle
Set Ian Uprichard & David Broughton
Special Props Heather Muddiman & Ian Uprichard
Lighting Set John Fox & Nigel Dring
Continuity Jenny Brundle
Sound Recordist Charles Ross
Box Office Jane Nutting
Poster Design Diana Elrington



Special thanks to:

Rose Barker from The Cats Protection League for the loan of simulated furs and some hats
Recycle, Waverley Court, Market Rasen for the loan of various items of furniture
Mr & Mrs D Cowan for car parking facilities