Erik the Viking Erik the Viking (1989) UK Rating

Jim Broadbent plays Ernest the Viking

A star-studded cast including Mickey Rooney, John Cleese, Tim McInnerey Susan Sarandon and Terry Jones (Writer/Director)

Plot Summery:  This is the story of a Viking Warrior who thought there must be more to life than rape and pillage.  Erik's doubts about his own lifestyle begin when he inadvertently falls in love with a rather pretty girl he has just killed.  Not that he meant to kill her you understand but this being the legendary Age of Ragnarok, killing is rather in fashion and mishaps are bound to happen.  In fact, any Viking who hasn't killed at least one innocent person by lunch break is reckoned to be a bit of a rotten apple.  So, Erik gathers a reluctant band of warriors and set off for Asgaard, the fabled City of the Gods.   

Patrick's comments:  Terry Jones takes his extensive Viking research and injects his Python satire.  Jim plays a rapist called Ernest the Viking.  He appears in the first scene, rapes and gets murdered even before the opening credits have begun!  Very disappointing for Broadbent fans but carry on watching for fine Pythonesque comedy.  Broadbent fans:  Don't bother!  Python/Viking fans: Go for it!


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