Widows' Peak Widows' Peak (1994) 

Jim Broadbent plays Clancy   Also starring Mia Farrow, Joan Plowright, Natasha Richardson

"Scandal, seduction, blackmail and murder. Thank heavens their husbands aren't alive!"

Plot Summery:  When a sexy stranger (Natasha Richardson) moves to Widows' Peak she turns the town upside down with her devious lies and shocking secrets.  Using all her charms, she seduces the men, enrages the women and unleashes a major scandal but it's all part of an astonishing plan.  With one startling revelation after another, the scheme is finally exposed but one mystery remains until the very end: Is she up to murder?

Joan Plowright and Mia Farrow

Patrick's comments: Many reviewers have compared this gentle comedy to Enchanted April... it has a similar feel and shares two of the same stars (Joan Plowright and Jim Broadbent).  Broadbent plays the local dentist, Clancy.  It's a great supporting role complete with Irish accent but the story is really about the women and they are the true stars of this film. 


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