Our Country's Good

Our Country's Good

by Timberlake Wertenbaker
directed by
Keith Rylands-Bolton


Our County's Good is based on the novel The Playmaker by Thomas Keneally and owes much to Robert Hughes' history of transportation, The Fatal Shore. It tells the story of how a production of The Recruiting Officer, by George Farquhar, came to be performed by convicts, in the Sidney Cove, to celebrate the King's birthday in 1789.

Although set in the past and dealing with an event which actually occurred, the play is modern in that the central issues are immediately relevant. As Timberlake Wertenbaker has said: "I'm trying to write about how people are treated, what it means to be brutalised, what it means to live without hope and how theatre can be a humanising force."

Our Country's Good was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in 1988 by a group of ten actors, including our President Jim Broadbent.



Captain Arthur Phillip, RN (Governor-in-Chief of New South Wales Ruth Andrews
Major Robbie Ross, RM Ian Uprichard
Captain David Collins, RM (Advocate General) Jane Rylands-Bolton
Captain Watkin Tench, RM Phillip Hanes
Captain Jemmy Campbell, RM Andy Abernethy
Reverend Johnson Hugh Dower
Lieutenant George Johnston, RM Jenny Horrey
Lieutenant Will Dawes, RM Jenny Peachey
Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark, RM Richard Magrin
Second Lieutenant William Faddy, RM Kirsty Laminman
Midshipman Harry Brewer, RN (Provost Marshall) Tim Bradford
An Aboriginal Australian Noreen Bradford
John Arscott Matthew Mannion
Black Caesar Noreen Bradford
Ketch Freeman Luke Downend
Robert Sideway Kirsty Laminman
John Wisehammer Hugh Dower
Mary Brenham Anna Jefferson
Dabby Bryant Julie Taylor
Liz Morden Lynn Chapman
Duckling Smith Lizi Lamming
Meg Long Jenny Peachey



Stage Manager Pauline Uprichard
Set David Broughton & Ian Uprichard
Lighting Bentley Hughes
Sound Robert Dennis & Thirzah Jennings
Dresser Mary Davidson
Continuity Jenny Brundle
Poster Design Ben Day
Programme Layout Graham Davidson
Box Office Vicki Makin



The Lace Market Theatre, Nottingham
The Robin Hood Theatre, Averham
Blackfriars Theatre, Boston
The Old Hall, Gainsborough
Junk and Disorderly, Market Rasen
Walter Bolton