Bullets over Broadway Bullets over Broadway (1995) UK Rating

Jim Broadbent plays Warner Purcell   Also starring John Cussack, Jennifer Tilly.  Written & Directed by Woody Allen

"A Killer Comedy!"

Plot Summery:  Set in 1920's New York City, this movie tells the story of idealistic young playwright David Shayne (John Cussack) who struggles with his first play on Broadway.  Producer Julian Marx (Jack Warden) eventually finds funding for the play, God of our Fathers, from gangster Nick Valenti (Joe Viterelli). The catch is that Valenti's girl, Olive Neal (Jennifer Tilly), gets the part of a psychiatrist.  Olive is a bimbo who could never pass as an actress never mind a psychiatrist.  Agreeing to this compromise is the first step to Broadway's complete seduction of David, who neglects longtime girl friend Ellen (Mary-Louise Parker).  Meanwhile David puts up with Warner Purcell (Broadbent), the leading man who is a compulsive eater, Helen Sinclair (Dianne West), the grand dame who wants her part jazzed up, and Cheech (Chazz Palminteri), Olive's interfering hitman / bodyguard.  The playwright must decide whether art or life is more important.

Patrick's comments:  It's directed by Woody Allen but don't let that put you off this time.  This is a comedy that will amuse and it's pleasingly held together by John Cussack's narration.  Jim Broadbent will make you laugh out loud as he gets fatter and fatter when he turns his back on his diet and stuffs his face with chicken drum sticks and even dog biscuits at every opportunity.

Jennifer Tilly stars as Olive Neal John Cusack stars as David Shayne Jennifer Tilly as Olive with director Woody Allen David & Helen Dianne Wiest in her Oscar®-winning role as Helen Sinclair Chazz Palminteri stars as Cheech
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Jim says:  Jim tells the story about how he was working with Mia Farrow on Widows' Peak when Woody Allen called to ask if Jim would accept a role in Bullets Over Broadway.  Allen and Farrow weren't getting along too well at the time to say the least.  Awkward!


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