by David Mamet
directed by
Chris Hudson


Director's Note

Oleanna is a challenging play, thought provoking and, if you let yourself be engaged by it, a rewarding play. This may disappoint anyone who was hoping for 'safe' entertainment but I make no apologies for it. Mamet's play raises questions about the purpose of education and presents the debate between freedom of speech, as expounded by John, and responsibility of speech, which is Carol's ideal. I tend to side with John, not because he is a fellow male, but rather because I believe his position leads to greater openness in communication and consequently to greater humanity. However as Carol says: "You are a free person, you decide".



John Hugh Dower
Carol Elaine Dower

Hugh Dower as John Hugh and Elaine


Stage Manager Gail Dennis
Lights Robert Dennis
Set Hugh Dower & Elaine Dower
Set Decoration Michelle Boryszczuk
Technician Bentley Hughes
Poster Designs Michelle Boryszczuk
Photograph Ilona Davison

Hugh and Elaine Hugh and Elaine

thanks to Chris Hudson for the photographs