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Date Change Details
10-Dec-00 Added portrait photos to the profiles of Marion Plenderleith and Joy Walker (many thanks to Marion for both)
09-Dec-00 Added portrait photos for David Potter, Liam Murtagh and Caroline Anthony.  Updated profile for Mel Bolus and Bill Peachey.  Added photo of Anna Tutty
06-Dec-00 Added portrait photos to the profiles of Barry Gill-Stafford, James Hall, Janet Dring, John Dring, Julie Hogg, Patrick Markham and ZoŽ Crick
04-Dec-00 Created profile for Joy Walker
03-Dec-00 Added a photo-extra on the Hereward page!  Added new picture of Ruth in Babes in the Wood.  Added photo of the Steaming set.  Added photos of the Babes in the Wood set.  Added Skull Island photo to Pirate Prince.  Added two photos of Everything in the Garden.  Added photos to the profiles of Charlotte Broughton, Karen Hunter, and Ian Uprichard.
30-Nov-00 Added photo of Del Carter to Songs from Now and Then Forever page.  Updated Lara's profile - new pictures to follow soon.
on-going A huge amount of work is currently being carried out to produce a Jim Broadbent section for this website.  I hope to launch it in Spring 2001.
27-Nov-00 Created profiles for Dave Dray, Janet Dring, Jenny Brundle, John FoxAndy Abernethy and Mel Bolus
21-Nov_00 Updated profile for Chris Eaton
20-Nov-00 Added photos to Songs from Now and Then Forever.  Updated profile for James Hall. Added photo to Pam Reaney's profile.
19-Nov-00 New photo on the Home page (Moulin Rouge)
18-Nov-00 Updated profiles for Terry Wiseman, Ian Uprichard, Marion Plenderleith, Jenny Peachey, Trevor Minett, Thirzah Jennings, Ruth Andrews, Beverley Anthony, Hugh Dower, Peter M Elrington, Siobhan Hustler, Charlotte Broughton, Ted Warner, Pauline Uprichard, Emily Rosser, Simon Green, Vicki Makin, Liam Murtagh, Phil Nix and ZoŽ Crick.  My, I've been busy!
17-Nov-00 Created profiles for Chic Ross, Rachel Dring, Keith Jones, Tina Speck, Trevor Minett, Roger Potter, David PotterChris Eaton, Louise Hogg, James Dring, James Hall and Julie Upton.  Updated the About page.  Updated What's On
15-Nov-00 Added a Link to Lincoln Theatre Royal.  Updated profile for Beverley Anthony and Caroline Anthony
10-Nov-00 Major development: A Search Tool for the website is now available.  Search for your name and see how many times you feature on!
09-Nov-00 Created profile for Phil Simmonds
06-Nov-00 Created profile for Claire Jones
03-Nov-00 Created profile for Laura Holmes.  Updated What's On.  Huge update to the guestbook (I've been on holiday!)
04-Oct-00 email is now working again and the system is stable.  Apologies for recent intermittent downtime over the last couple of weeks
01-Oct-00 Added Wizard of Oz photos.  Added new photos of Alex Dunton
15-Sep-00 email is currently down.  It may take a few days to recover
13-Sep-00 Added an invitation on the home page for members to have their own e-mail address
12-Sep-00 Added The Wizard of Oz  Photos to follow shortly.  Added profile for Emma Major and Leo Spowage.  Updated profiles for  Caroline Anthony, Rachel Hogg and Louise Cutler
11-Sep-00 Added photos to Bouncers, Cinderella, Breath Of Spring, David Broughton
28-Aug-00 New photos added to Hereward page (and to the profiles of Simon R Price, Sheila Buckthorp and Kirsty Laminman)
24-Aug-00 Added a profile for Jane Rylands-Bolton
23-Aug-00 Updated Karen Hunter's profile and added a couple of pictures
21-Aug-00 Added some new Links  (RaseLink and the Lincolnshire Site)
09-Aug-00 becomes affiliated with (click on the logo on the left)
21-Jul-00 Created profiles for Lynn Chapman, Julie Taylor, Neil Taylor and John Dring
20-Jul-00 Added link to and updated What's On
12-Jul-00 Began a profile for Roy Broadbent - photos still to come
10-Jul-00 Added An Evening of Intimate Theatre and updated What's On
02-Jun-00 Added link to Concordia Theatre
07-May-00 Updated Beverley Anthony's profile
01-May-00 Updated Richard Scuffham's profile and added photo.
26-Apr-00 Configured an Exim mail server to handle all mail to the domain.  Also set up email accounts for all LRP members who are internet users
23-Apr-00 Added more photos to the  guestbook
22-Apr-00 Added Sinbad photos to the profiles of Ruth Andrews, Patrick Markham and Malcolm Worth.  Updated What's On
21-Apr-00 The first photo in the guestbook!  (Francine Novo)  
2-Apr-00 Added new photo of Lara as Sinbad (here and here)
1-Apr-00 Added Oliver!, The Parker Plan, Present Laughter, My Wife's Family, Three Penny Opera, The Balcony, Bazaar and Rummage / The Fear of Heaven.  Completed Mrs Warren's Profession.  (thanks to Charlotte Broughton for tracking down and lending me all these programmes)
28-Mar-00 Updated Lisa's profile.
25-Mar-00 Added profiles for Bentley Hughes, Richard Cartwright, Melanie Pedge, Pam Reaney, ZoŽ Crick, Lizzie Lamming, Liam Murtagh and Tim Raynes
24-Mar-00 Added profiles for Eleanor Peachey, Lydia Peachey and Bill Peachey. Updated profiles for Malcolm Worth, Katherine Boyce and Julie Hogg. Added Olde Tyme Music Hall
17-Mar-00 Added some Sinbad photos to the profiles of Julie Hogg, Beverley Anthony, Nigel Dring and Michelle Boryszczuk
16-Mar-00 Added Sinbad the Sailor photos. Huge thanks to Lara for her help here.

New Improved Members' Profile Index Page (lots of photos). Let me know what you think.


Link to Archway Theatre added


Included more photos on the profiles of Lara, Nigel, Alex and Lisa


Added profile for Graham Davidson and Mary Davidson (and all the associated links - what better way to spend the extra day that a leap year offers!)


First picture from Sinbad the Sailor.  More to follow and maybe even some video!
18-Feb-00 Added photos for the profiles listed below and also for Hugh Dower and Amy Freeman.
15-Feb-00 Added several new profiles: Michelle Boryszczuk, Beverley Anthony, Caroline Anthony, Juliana Hogg, Rachel Hogg, Malcolm Worth and Siobhan Hustler. Photos to come soon.
12-Feb-00 Added Sinbad the Sailor and updated What's On
25-Jan-00 Added photo of Lisa Langston. / Added profile for Katherine Boyce. / Diary updated / Resized the Home Page slightly to make things a little better for users with poor resolution.
06-Jan-00 Change Log implemented
27-Dec-99 Website is now also available by typing (No www's)
21-Dec-99 website was transferred to new Year 2000 compliant server. (Compaq DeskPro running Apache)
20-Dec-99 Three new photos added to Joy Bosman's Profile
19-Dec-99 Diary updated
12-Dec-99 New photo added to Lara Tomlinson's Profile

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