The Wedding Gift (Wide Eyed and Legless) Wide Eyed and Legless (aka The Wedding Gift) (1994) 

Jim Broadbent plays Derec Longden   Also starring Julie Walters, Thora Hird.  Screenplay by Jack Rosenthal. 

"You owe me a Sherbet Lemon"

Plot Summery:  An inspirational story of a remarkable couple, Derec (Broadbent) and Diana Longden (Walters), who share their lives in perfect harmony, amusing each other with good humour as they face Diana's failing health as they visit one baffled consultant after another.  As a final act of affection for Derec, Diana orchestrates a gift of love in it's purest and deepest form - by secretly setting him up with another women!

Patrick's comments: A true story based on the book by Derec Longden about how he and his wife coped with her illness now identified as Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.  This is a very moving yet also very amusing film and a wonderful performance by Broadbent as one of the leading characters.  Thora Hird is especially delightful in a laugh out loud kind of way as Derec's ageing mother.


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