by John Godber
Directed by Frans van Baaren

Whitewall High School is a large Comprehensive somewhere in England. It is in a 'Special Priority Area', which means that it has got it's fair share of problems.

School leavers, Salty, Gail and Hobby are amongst a large number of no-hopers and see no future for themselves when they have left school. Then, a new, young drama teacher arrives and takes them under his wing. When he persuades them to put on an end-of-term play about school life they show unexpected talent. Their play is a great success, but will they be able to build on this experience in their future life?

John Godber: "Teechers is a comedy which illustrates many anxieties in education today. Comedies must primarily be funny; here is a comedy, I think, which is also serious".



Salty (+ Teacher B, Mr Nixon, Pete Saxon, Oggy Moxon, 3rd Witch, Macbeth, Mr Hatton, Mr Dean & Charlotte Corday) Graham Davidson
Hobby (+ Mrs Parry, Mr Jones, Mr Basford, Piggy Patterson, Oggy Moxon, 2nd Witch, Apparition, Racheal Steele & Marquis de Sade) Hugh Dower
Gail (+ Teacher A, Ms Whitham, Kevin Mears, Oggy Moxon, Mr Basford, Miss Prime, Barry Wobschall, Dennis, 1st Witch, Doug, French Assistant & Jean-Paul Marat) Angela Hunter



Stage Management Charlotte Broughton
Wardrobe Viv Pyttlik & Charlotte Broughton
Witches' Masks Heather Muddiman
Set David Broughton & Ian Uprichard
Lighting Set John Fox & Nigel Dring
Lighting Technician Patrick Markham
Sound Ryan Dring
Continuity Jenny Brundle
Box Office Vicki Makin
Poster Design Diana Elrington
Publicity Marjorie Blatherwick
Programme Design Graham Davidson


Angela Hunter, Graham Davidson & Hugh Dower Gail, Salty and Hobby played by Angela Hunter, Graham Davidson and Hugh Dower
Doug the Caretaker (played by Angela Hunter) gives Mr Nixon (Graham Davidson) an earful Angela Hunter and Graham Davidson
Graham Davidson, Hugh Dower and Angela Hunter Salty, Hobby and Gail act out the witches' scene from Macbeth

Thanks to Frans van Baaren for the photographs