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The first page of this website was created and uploaded in May 1999.  The domain name, BROADBENT.ORG, was secured on 5th July 1999.  There are over 900 pages containing hundreds of photographs and over 10,000 clickable links.  We are currently receiving an average of  400 visitors a day.

The site's split focus is jointly dedicated to Lincolnshire's  Broadbent Theatre in Wickenby and to actor, Jim Broadbent.  The Jim Broadbent section was launched on July 14th 2001.  Additional domain names, JIMBROADBENT.ORG and JIMBROADBENT.COM were acquired on 15th October 2001.  The new section aims to answer the questions "Who is he?" and "What's he been in?"

The website is owned, designed and maintained by Patrick Markham. (Have a look at my member profile).  The website's primary target audience is past and present members of LRP as well as Broadbent Theatre audiences and of course, Jim Broadbent fans.   Tell me what else you would like to see on this site.  Or just drop me an email and let me know that you've been here.  I am very proud that the LRP membership has shown it's approval for this website by making me an Honorary Life Member.

LRP Members: If you have anything you would like to add to this site, do get in touch.  Maybe you have some photos that are dying to be published? Maybe you would even like to write a page or two? Maybe your profile could be improved?  Let me know... your input is welcome and positively encouraged!

Navigation is made easy using the left hand menu which is displayed on every page.  Clicking on peoples names will take you to their profile page.  Clicking on show and film titles will take you to that show or film's page.

This website uses frames and the menu uses Java Script.  It can be viewed in Netscape Navigator but the results are more pleasing in MS Internet Explorer.  Some pages will look prettier if your computer can display two particular Microsoft fonts: Lucida Handwriting and Coolsville. (The two names should appear in their own font).  The pages are designed and tested on a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.



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CREDITS: Thanks to the following for help with the production of this website
For Photographs: Lara Tomlinson, Alex Dunton, Frans van Baaren, Thirzah Jennings, Charlotte & David Broughton, Sandra Turner, Helen Chandler, Gail Dennis, John Anthony, Mel Brown, Richard Scuffham, James Hall, Marion Plenderleith, Bill Baybutt, Olan Mills, Market Rasen Mail, Lincolnshire Echo, Tony Newton, Tina Speck, Nigel Dring, Julie Hogg, Phil Nix, Malcolm Worth, Chris Hudson, Gloria Poole, Dave Meen, Donna Morris, Vanda Cutler, Roy Simpson, Peter Langston, Nick Mugford
For Past Programmes: Thirzah Jennings, Charlotte & David Broughton, Vicki Makin, Lara Tomlinson, Jodie Smart
For help with Member Profiles:  Thirzah Jennings, Marion Plenderleith, Joe Magrin
For help with spell/error checking: Terry Wiseman, David Broughton, Lara Tomlinson, Charlotte Broughton, Rachel Chandler, Louise Cutler, Vanda Cutler, Ruth Andrews, Jodie Smart, Tom Murray.
Jim Broadbent section:  Thanks to the Internet Movie Database for being the most fantastic movie resource on the internet.  Thanks to Diamond Dog Jessica of http://twodiamonddogs.tripod.com for the motivation to get my Jim Broadbent section launched.  Thanks to the many movie sites that I have acquired photos from.  Thanks to  James Berardinelli for links to his film reviews www.reelviews.net. Thanks to Ruby Tugade of Miramax Films for promotional material.  Thanks to Kate Winslet fan, Ruth Emonts of DiscoverKate.com for her fantastic IRIS research and her generosity.
Other: Charlotte Broughton for help with 'Past Productions' section. Charlotte & David Broughton for 'What's On' updates. Elaine Dower, Vanda Cutler and Jayne Wiltowski for What's On updates.
Technical: Stuart Cheshire for HTML development and idea sharing, Auntie Rita & Uncle John for my first HTML book , Nick Close and Paul Stoner for setting up the first server.  Marcus Nutting, Stuart Cheshire and Mally McLane for DNS.  Jon James for help with email configuration.  Jeff Breitner for help with anti-spam configuration on the email server.  Energis for server hosting.  Ian Kirk and Spod for server hosting.   MyDomain.com for DNS management.  Ty Daniels, Sales Manager and Aann Shevans at SEVENtwentyfour for link checking service.  Ed Bauer of FusionBot for introducing me to their search tool.  FreeFind for the search tool used on this site.  LittleBoxOffice.com for credit card ticket sales.  pat-host.net for website hosting.  Jim Gardiner for help with fault finding and development. TicketSource.co.uk for ticket sales.

Our Commitment to preventing Junk Email (Spam)
It is an unfortunate fact that some companies like to do their marketing by sending junk email.  One unscrupulous way they can gather email addresses is to have their computers scan websites for email addresses using special software.  Broadbent.org email addresses have been victim to this.  I have taken steps to prevent unwanted email in several ways.
    1. No member's personal email address is displayed on the site; instead they each have an @broadbent.org alias which automatically forwards to the personal email address.
    2. All email addresses on the site are now listed in the format of email:-patrick@broadbent.org  ie the addresses are not clickable and they are preceded by 'email:-' so that computers (or 'robots') cannot identify the actual address.  If you are still not happy with this solution please let me know and I will remove your address from the website or delete it altogether.
    3. Fairly heavy-handed spam filters are now in place on the server for broadbent.org email.
    4. If you experience spam or junk mail or anyone else that abuses Broadbent email addresses then please forward the email to abuse@broadbent.org and they will be added to the banned sender list.
Spammers should note that they are not authorised to use email addresses from this site to promote their product.

Pop up Advertising
Patrick promises that this site will never ever ever annoy you with all that nasty, pop up, in yer face advertising like all those other awful sites on the internet do!  We have however chosen to use Google advertising on some of the more high-traffic pages of the site.

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