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Nigel Dring

Eldest son of Janet and John, Nigel's entire family has been involved at the Broadbent for many years.  Nigel hails from Legsby (where he was renowned for hosting some very memorable parties over the years!) but now lives in Lincoln with his wife Kirsty who he met during "Hereward". 

Nigel has a fine comic talent for pantomimes but probably counts Frank Gardner in Mrs Warren's Profession as one of his favourite characters. The role gave him the opportunity to behave in a very suave manner and woo the leading lady!


LRP Productions
Sleeping Beauty Mistress Bumble: the Royal Nursemaid Jan/Feb 2012
Sleeping Beauty Bertie, the good Elf February 2002
Sinbad The Sailor Tinbad the Tailor February 2000
Tartuffe Valere April/May 1999
Aladdin Constable Pong Jan/Feb 1999
Hereward Thord Gunlaugsson July 1995
Black Comedy / Old World Georg Bamberger / Stage Manager April 1994
Cinderella Eureka January 1994
Oh! What a Lovely War! Projectionist October 1993
The Merchant of Venice Launcelot Gobbo June 1993
The Pirate Prince Bottle Jan/Feb 1993
Mrs Warren's Profession Frank Gardner April 1992
Aladdin Lo Jan/Feb 1992
Teechers Lighting Set October 1991
Spark in Judea Longinus, junior officer April 1991
Robin Hood Alan-A-Dale / Lighting Set Jan/Feb 1991
Breath of Spring Lighting Set October 1990
Jack and the Beanstalk Half of Molly the Moo Cow Jan/Feb 1990
Kidnapped at Christmas Alexander Grummett / Set Decoration February 1988
Green Forms Boswell June 1988
The Legend of Bluebeard Spy, Postman January 1987
The Accrington Pals Reggie Boggis October 1986


      Nigel in Cinderella [Jan 1994]

Nigel as Eureka the Ugly Sister in Cinderella (above) and (right) as Launcelot Gobbo in The Merchant of Venice.


Nigel in Merchant [June 1993]
Nigel and Lisa in Sinbad the Sailor [Feb 2000] Nigel with Karen and Lara in Black Comedy [April 1994]

    With Lisa Langston in Sinbad the Sailor.

Playing the mysterious Georg Bamberger in Black Comedy.  Pictured here with Broadbent beauties, Karen Hunter and Lara Tomlinson