A Toe in the Water

A Toe in the Water

by Derek Benfield
directed by Gail Dennis

Seeking peace and tranquility, Gerald goes to spend a few days in a health farm, presided over by the highly moral Mr Potter. But his hopes are soon dashed by the arrival of his secretary (declaring her undying passion for him), his daughter (intent upon naughty assignations with her boyfriend), and his wife. The resulting mix-ups caused by crafty deceit and misfiring erotic adventures prove more than a headache for the hapless Mr Potter!



Gerald Malcolm Worth
Rodney Ian Rushby
Linda Liz Doughty
Sandra Lisa Langston
Potter Richard Scuffham
Marion Chris Hughes
Plumber Bill Peachey

A Toe in the Water Cast
Cast: Malcolm (front) and Lisa, Richard, Ian, Liz & Chris


Stage Manager Emma Major
Assistant Stage Manager Bill Peachey
Set Design and Construction Ian Rushby, Richard Scuffham, Robert Dennis, Malcolm Worth, David Broughton
Set Decoration David Broughton, Tina Speck
Lighting Robert Dennis, David Potter
Sound David Potter
Continuity Charlotte Broughton



Mist machine kindly loaned by Stewart Barton of Martin Manufacturing UK plc, Louth

thanks to Malcolm Worth for the photograph