Member Profile:

Mary Davidson

Actress, Lyricist, Director, Choreographer are just some of the qualities that Mary brought to the Broadbent during a solid fifteen year commitment.  Mary was also a long standing committee member and is married to Graham.


LRP Productions
Aladdin Wishee Washee, Lyrics, Wardrobe Co-ordinator Jan/Feb 1999
Bouncers Director, Mr Cinders Staff June 1998
The Bear Popova April 1998
Jack and the Beanstalk Lyrics, Choreography, Doctor HP Heinz Jan/Feb 1998
Puss in Boots Lyrics, Choreography, Knuckles, Costumes, Box Office Jan/Feb 1997
Our Country's Good Dresser November 1996
No Way Out Publicity September 1996
An Inspector Calls Publicity July 1996
Bouncers Director, The Management, Set Design, Soundtrack April 1996
Little Red Riding Hood Lyrics, Choreography, Ronny Jan/Feb 1996
Nasty Neighbours Publicity October 1995
Hereward Assistant Director, Martin Lightfoot July 1995
The Winter's Tale Autolycus, Songs and Dance April 1995
Babes in the Wood Lyrics, Choreography, Shorty Jan/Feb 1995
Murder at Mystery Manor Refreshments December 1994
Putting on the Screws Meryl, Assistant Director October 1994
Steaming Josie, Publicity July 1994
Cinderella Lyrics, Choreography, Stepmother, Wardrobe Jan 1994
Oh! What a Lovely War! Member of the Company October 1993
The Merchant of Venice Portia, Publicity June 1993
The Pirate Prince Lyrics, Choreography, Polly, Wardrobe, Publicity Jan/Feb 1993
Happy Birthday Jacqueline, Publicity October1992
Two Hander Layne July 1992
Mrs Warren's Profession Publicity April 1992
Aladdin Lyrics, Choreography, Publicity Jan/Feb 1992
Spark in Judea Nesta, Production Assistant April 1991
Robin Hood Lyrics, Choreography, Sienna the Seer, Wardrobe Jan/Feb 1991
Breath of Spring Ms Nanette Parry ("Nan") October 1990
The Diary of Anne Frank Miep Gies July 1990
How the Other Half Loves Teresa Phillips April 1990
Jack and the Beanstalk Lyrics, Jack Jan/Feb 1990
Kidnapped at Christmas Convict Gilbert February 1988
The Legend of Bluebeard Sergeant Minky January 1987
The Accrington Pals Sarah Harding October 1986
Womberang Clerk July 1986
Little Red Riding Hood Demon Sheerspite, Set Design, Additional Lyrics, Production Assistant January 1986
Semi-Detatched Avril Midway, Setting October 1985
Bazaar and Rummage / The Fear of Heaven Set Painting / Doctor July 1985
The Clandestine Marriage Betty Trusty May 1985
Robinson Crusoe Miranda January 1985
Don't Just Lie There, Say Something Damina October 1984
Babes in the Wood Peter January 1984