The Accrington Pals

by Peter Whelan
directed by Keith Jones

This moving and powerful play takes its title from the seven hundred strong battalion from Accrington, Lancs, which marched off optimistically to join Kitchener's New Army and was decimated at the battle of the Somme in 1916.

Glimpses are given of the life at the front but the play's dramatic power lies in the linking of the public event to the private lives of the working class wives, daughters and lovers who were left behind, living on hope and official misinformation about what was actually happening to the 'Pals' in France.

The play explores a whole range of emotions, humorous in parts, poignant in others but above all an experience which will provoke discussion long after the final shot has been fired and the stage is finally darkened.

'The Accrington Pals' was first staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company at their Warehouse Theatre in London in April 1981.



Tom Hackford Keith Rylands-Bolton
May Hassal Joy Walker
Arthur Boggis Austin Chater
Reggie Boggis Nigel Dring
Ralph Chas Barker
Eva Mason Jeni Grant
Annie Boggis Sheila Buckthorp
Sarah Harding Mary Chapman
Bertha Treecott Sarah Roberts
CSM Rivers Greg Platt



Stage Manager Angela Chater
Sound Chic Ross
Lighting Set Bentley Hughes, Damon Albarn
Lights Operation Graham Davidson
Set Painting Nigel Dring
Kitchen Range and Stall manufactured by Douglas Ballard
Box Office Jane Nutting
Coffee M Stanney, M Johnson and Vi Davies