How the Other Half Loves

How the Other Half Loves

by Alan Ayckbourn
directed by
Ted Warner


The characters are a suburban trio of married couples, linked by the work of the husbands. Fiona and Frank are at the social top of the three couples, the other two men being business subordinates. One of the other couples is attractive and upcoming, despite the fact that she is an utter slob and he is a bore; and the third pair is socially hopeless but earnest.

The action takes place at two dinner parties given on consecutive nights. The single set is almost a character in itself, so important is it to the action. It represents two living-dining rooms at once. The furniture, and often the people, of the two places are intermingled, most notably in the scene that closes the first act, when one hapless couple is having Thursday night dinner with another pair and Friday night dinner with a third.



Fiona Foster Charlotte Broughton
Teresa Phillips Mary Davidson
Frank Foster Graham Davidson
Bob Phillips John Clarkson
William Featherstone Tim Bradford
Mary Featherstone Noreen Bradford



Stage Manager Pauline Uprichard
Assistant Stage Managers Ian Uprichard and Angela Hunter
Set Design David Broughton
Set Construction and Decor David Broughton and Ian Uprichard
Lighting Set Charles Barker
Lighting Operation Hugh Dower
Sound Charles Ross
Production Assistant Angela Hunter
Prompt Jenny Brundle
Box Office Jane Nutting
Poster Design Diana Elrington



Special thanks to:

CH Watson & Son, House Furnishers, Queen St, Market Rasen, Lincs, for the loan of furniture.

Recycle, Waverly Court, Market Rasen, Lincs, also for loan of furniture.