The Legend of Bluebeard

written and directed by Greg Platt


Bluebeard Graham Davidson
Villagers Sarah Roberts, Else Ball, Claire Gartland, Jeni Grant and Rachel Dring
Spy Nigel Dring
Marsha Jane Rylands-Bolton
Prince John Dring
Job Hunter Douglas Ballard
Spies Andrew Charlton and Austin Chater
Inspector Herve Milliet
Sergeant Minky Mary Chapman
Miss Minky Jane Pollard
Dame Tim Bradford
Servants Kirsti White & Noreen Bradford
Bluebeard's Guests Angela Chater, Douglas Ballard, Else Ball and Austin Chater
Receptionist Jeni Grant
Hotel Staff Julie Taylor, Keith Jones and Lucas Chater
Postman Nigel Dring
"The Only Person to Possibly Save Us" Anand Bismuthsing


Musicians: Keith Jones (piano) & Jim Lucas (drums)



Sound Chic Ross
Lighting Chas Barker
Costume Angela Chater & members of the cast
Set Design Keith Jones
Special Props and Construction Douglas Ballard
Set Construction Andrew Charlton, Graham Davidson, and John Dring
Box Office Jane Nutting
Refreshments M Johnson, V Davies and M Stanney