A Hearse to Dear

by Frank Webber
directed by Julie Taylor


A Hearse to Dear Cast

Mrs Wantmore Sheila Buckthorp
Mr Passover Hugh Dower
Miss Deeds Gail Dennis
Mr Wantmore Frans van Baaren
Nicholle Karen Hunter




by Ted Warner
directed by Lynn Chapman


Two-Hander Cast

Layne Mary Davidson
Simms Angela Hunter / Joy Pritchard




by Frans van Baaren
directed by Keith Rylands-Bolton


Performed by Julie Upton



The Dock Brief

by John Mortimer
directed by Peter M Elrington



Fowle Graham Davidson
Morgenhall Ian Uprichard




Stage Management Pauline Uprichard, Marion Plenderleith & Charlotte Broughton
Set Design, Construction & Decor David Broughton & Patrick Markham
Lighting Patrick Markham
Sound Ryan Dring
Poster Design Diana Elrington
Box Office Hugh Dower
House Managers Mary Davidson & Ian Uprichard