Krapp's Last Tape

by Samuel Beckett
directed by
Ken Frost


"Krapp's Last Tape" was written in 1958 for the actor Patrick Magee and upon it's first performance at the Royal Court Theatre, London, it was recognised as a minor dramatic masterpiece.

"The soliloquy has found for the first and probably last time a form which combines the immobile mask and the mobile face, mime and speech monologue and dialogue and offers all their various resources to the performer" -Roy Walker, Twentieth Century, 1958

"(The) best dramatic poem about the old age of the world" -New Republic, 1960

It is one of the most autobiographical of all Beckett's work. Many of the incidents that Krapp refers to are drawn directly from Beckett's own life. It has been described as a literal translation of TS Elliott's "Burnt Norden"

"Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past,
If all time is eternally present,
All time is unredeemable".



Krapp Douglas Ballard




by Sue Townsend
directed by
Ken Frost


Sue Townsend is perhaps best known for The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, the best selling book, which in adaptation is now enjoying a very successful run in the West End and also provided Independent Television with a successful comedy serial.

Womberang, is an earlier play but shows the same lightness of touch, whilst dealing with quite serious and complex matters.

As with all her work, the comedy is underlaid with a serious intent, the characters many-layered and well perceived. Some may remember LRP's production of another early Sue Townsend play, Bazaar and Rummage, which was very well received last summer.



Rita Mary Greensmith
Dolly Sarah Roberts
Clerk Mary Chapman
Mrs Connolly Sheila Buckthorp
Mrs Lovett Else Ball
James John Males
Audrey Jane Rylands-Bolton
Lynda Julie Taylor
Mrs Cornwallis Noreen Bradford
Dr Riley Graham Davidson



Box Office Jane Nutting
Stage Manager Jeni Grant
Sound Chic Ross
Lighting Set Chas Barker
Lighting Operation Richard Anderson



Grateful thanks are due to Mr Alan Stennett of BBC Radio Lincolnshire for his help in recording the tape used in "Krapp's Last Tape"