The Pirate Prince

The Pirate Prince

written and directed by Graham Davidson
original lyrics & choreography by Mary Davidson


A handsome Prince, bored with life at the Palace decides to roam the land to look for a wife. Traveling in disguise, with his father, he stops at the Cramem Inn and immediately falls in love with the landlady's daughter. Unfortunately he is press-ganged by a band of stupid pirates and the adventures of the 'Pirate Prince' begin.



Clam Chris Hudson
Throttle Jeremy Price
Bottle Nigel Dring
Juan Tufree Andy Abernethy
Polly Mary Davidson
Mother Ring Tim Bradford
Doctor Splint Simon Green
Baron Ground / Runner Ground Hugh Dower
Pirate Prince Karen Hunter
King Alasker Robert Buttery
Captain Quinn Ian Uprichard
Marmalade (the ship's cat) Noreen Bradford
Mona (an apparition) Charlotte Broughton
Sailors/Natives Elaine Dower, Helen Williams, Gareth Williams, Charles Minett, James Dring, Nichola Pennistone, Neil Pottinger, Claire Norburn & Lisa-Jane Horley

Musical Director: Brian Tasker


Stage Manager Pauline Uprichard
Stagehands Gail Dennis, Angela Hunter, Alan Smith
Lighting Patrick Markham & Nigel Dring
Sound Ryan Dring & Graham Davidson
Set Construction Ian Uprichard & Graham Davidson
Set Design & Artistry David Broughton, Alan Micklethwaite & Carrie Simpson
Painters Tim Bradford, Nigel Dring, Trevor Minett, Patrick Markham, Ian Uprichard & David Broughton, Alan Micklethwaite, Carrie Simpson & Graham Davidson
Continuity Jenny Brundle
Special Props Graham Davidson & Ian Uprichard
Box Office Vicki Makin
Poster Design & Programme Cover Diana Elrington
Programme Text Ted Warner
Wardrobe Pauline Uprichard, Mary Davidson and members of the cast
Publicity Mary Davidson, Ruth Andrews & Marjorie Blatherwick

Captian Quinn and Mona

Captain Quinn (Ian Uprichard) and Mona (Charlotte Broughton) on Skull Island (above) and Karen Hunter as the Pirate Prince with Captain Quinn and the Pirates.  Musical Director Brian Tasker in the forground.