Seconds Out

by Eileen Brandon
directed by
Gail Dennis



The Voice of Edward William Hugh Dower
Francis Charlotte Broughton
Barbara Chris Eaton
Dorothy Pam Reaney
Miss J Jenny Peachey
The Gypsy Michelle Boryszczuk



Nearly Four

by Enid Coles
directed by
Gail Dennis



Clara Charlotte Broughton
Tessa Elaine Dower
Mrs Mallinson Ruth Andrews


The Bear

by Anton Chekhov. translated by Elisaveta Fen
directed by
Gail Dennis



Popova Mary Davidson
Looka Ian Uprichard
Smirnov Tim Bradford




Stage Manager Bill Peachey
Assistant Stage Manager Eleanor Peachey
Make Up Emma Lewis
Light and Sound Robert Dennis and Ian Edgar
Continuity Margery Smith
Set Ian Uprichard, Graham Davidson and David Broughton
Lighting Set Richard Scuffham and Hugh Dower
Sound Track Gail Dennis