Murder at Mystery Manor

devised and performed by JABBA


Somewhere out there in the middle of nowhere in particular stands the home of the late Lady Mystery who died under very strange circumstances. All the members of her family have been invited to the house for the reading of a very strange will.

Many surprises lay in store for all who attend and even the faithful retainers aren't all that they appear.

Will the case be solved by our intrepid hero? Will we ever know who the killer meant to bump off first? Is there an end to all this mystery?


JABBA is the name chosen by the acting ensemble. Junior Actors at the Broadbent Being Ace is the longer title and too much of a mouthful for anyone to realistically contemplate, so JABBA it is.

The Play

The performance of Murder at Mystery Manor was devised and has been developed in regular weekly 'workshops'. The play has not been scripted but is purely the imagination of those taking part.


JABBA would like to thank: Mary Davidson, Graham Davidson, Ian Uprichard, Patrick Markham, Emily Rosser, Lindsey Rural Players and all the mums and dads for transporting them everywhere they want to go.



Morag the Maid Lisa-Jane Horley
The Cook Alyrene Rosser
The Happy Hippy Joanna Fox
Thirzah, the Film Star Thirzah Jennings
Cordelia, Goody 2 Shoes Hayley Gibson
Charlie Jody Sellars
Madame Zelda Geraldine Cordes
Victoria the Vicar Christina Downend
Sally Snodgrass, the Solicitor Helen Williams
Detective Inspector Sarah Fox
Sergeant Victoria Milner



Lights Operator Robert Dennis
Sound Operator Graham Davidson
Box Office & Front of House Emily Rosser
Refreshments Mary Davidson & Emily Rosser
The Audience Rent-A-Crowd
Special Effects There aren't any!