No Way Out

No Way Out

by Jean-Paul Sartre
("Huis Clos" translated by Frank Hauser)
directed by
Chris Hudson


Have you ever shared a flat with someone who really got on your nerves? Do any of your family members really get under your skin? Well, the three main characters of this play find themselves in a similar situation when they arrive in hell to find that instead of the physical torture, they have to live together for eternity.

This doesn't seem too bad until they discover that no matter how hard they try, they just can't endure each other's company. Will they find a way to make their hell sufferable or will their frustrations mount up as the rest of time stretches out before them?

The No Way Out Cast



Joseph Garcin Hugh Dower
Waiter Chris Hudson
Inez Serrano Gail Dennis
Estelle Rigoult Lizy Jones

The No Way Out Cast Lizy and Chris
Hugh and Chris Lizy and Hugh


Stage Manager Chris Eaton
Continuity Margery Smith
Set Construction Ian Uprichard & Graham Davidson
Set Decoration David Broughton
Lighting Set John Smith & Graham Davidson
Lighting Operation John Smith
Props Gail Dennis
Poster Design Diane Elrington
Programme Layout Margery Smith
Box Office Vicki Makin
Publicity Ruth Andrews, Mary Davidson & Graham Davidson



Gadsby's, Lincoln - for the Bronze
Watson's and Waverley Court, Market Rasen - for loan of the Sofas

thanks to Chris Hudson for the photographs