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Bentley Hughes

Bentley's solid commitment to LRP has spanned over twenty years.  He has made a name for himself as a technician both in the Lighting and Sound departments.  These days Market Rasen resident, Bentley still helps out with lighting and has in the past been known to venture onto the stage in both pantomimes and straight roles.


LRP Productions
Songs from Now and Then Forever Assistant Lighting Rigger November 2000
Oleanna Technician September 1998
Songs from the Musicals Lighting and Sound July 1998
Bouncers Lighting Set June 1998
Metamorphosis Lighting Design November 1997
Puss in Boots Lighting Set Jan/Feb 1997
Our Country's Good Lighting November 1996
Bouncers Lighting Design April 1996
Mother Goose The Magic Gnome January 1989
Green Forms / Mother Figure / The Proposal Lighting June 1988
Kidnapped at Christmas Special Effects February 1988
The Accrington Pals Lighting Set October 1986
Little Red Riding Hood Prince Lee January 1986
Semi-Detached Nigel Hadfield / Lighting Set October 1985
Bazaar and Rummage / The Fear of Heaven Lighting Design July 1985
The Clandestine Marriage Lighting Set May 1985
Robinson Crusoe Baron Bumble January 1985
Bedroom Farce Lighting Set April 1984
Spring and Port Wine Lighting Design October 1983
Last to Go / Pinter Sketches Newspaper Seller / Lighting July 1983
The Importance of Being Earnest Lighting May 1983
The Green Door Chruncher Sneap / Lighting January 1983
Hobson's Choice Timothy Wadlow / Lighting October 1982
The Boggart Sam Pongo / Lighting March 1982
The Music Show / A Collier's Tuesday Tea Lighting / Albert Hepplethwaite December 1979
Time and the Conways Sound November 1979
Rookery Nook Clive Popkiss May 1979
The Balcony The Beggar / Slave / Man October 1978