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Karen Hunter


Karen is a fine actress who is particularly adored for her comic characters.  My personal favourite and the one that still makes me laugh when I watch the video is Karen's scatty Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. 

Since moving on from the Broadbent, Karen has graduated with a BA from the East 15 Acting School.  


LRP Productions
Little Red Riding Hood Musty Meg Jan/Feb 1996
The Winter's Tale Perdita, Princess of Sicilia April 1995
Black Comedy Clea April 1994
Cinderella Fairy Godmother January 1994
Oh! What a Lovely War! Dresser October 1993
The Merchant of Venice Stage Crew June 1993
The Pirate Prince Pirate Prince Jan/Feb 1993
Happy Birthday Stage Management October1992
A Hearse To Dear Nicholle July 1992


Karen, Nigel & Lara in Black Comedy [April 1994]

Above: Karen as Clea (left) in Black Comedy.  Pictured here with Nigel Dring and Lara Tomlinson.

Below: Karen as The Pirate Prince pictured with Captain Quinn and the Pirates

Karen in The Pirate Prince