Babes in the Wood

Babes in the Wood

Written & Directed by Graham Davidson
Original Lyrics by Mary Davidson



Goblin King Jody Sellars
Luke Mat Mannion
Lucy Katie Barratt
Stepmother Graham Davidson
Father Roger Potter
Evan Simon R Price
Lofty Lisa Langston
Shorty Mary Davidson
Spirit of the Wood Jenny Peachey
Madge the Witch Ruth Andrews
Inspector Spectre Hugh Dower
Sergeant Copter Elaine Dower
Daisy the Cow Mat Rivers & Sarah Button
Fairies, Elves, Goblins Claire Johnson, Hayley Johnson, Robert Dennis, Lydia Peachey, Eleanor Peachey, Thirzah Jennings & Katie Wright

  Musical Director: Brian Tasker


Stage Management Terry Wiseman
Stage Crew Bill Peachey, Bert Wimbury, Gail Dennis & Simon Green
Lighting Patrick Markham & Emily Rosser
Soundtrack Graham Davidson
Sound Darren Cribb
Pyrotechnics Patrick Markham
Set Artists David Broughton & Alan Micklethwaite
Set Painters Imogen Clayton & Lorna Cribb
Set Construction & Special Props Bill Peachey, Bert Wimbury, Terry Wiseman, Darren Cribb, Hugh Dower, Graham Davidson, Patrick Markham & Ian Uprichard
Special Costumes Pat Hage & Maddie Diggins
Continuity Charlotte Broughton & Jenny Peachey
Box Office Vicki Makin
Poster & Programme Cover Design Diana Elrington
House Manager Mary Davidson
Programme Layout & Text Ted Warner



We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those listed below for their assistance in making this show possible:

Mr & Mrs A Conway ~ Mr & Mrs D Cowan ~ De Aston School ~ Gainsborough Amateur Operatic Society ~ Jamie Brown of TGS Lighting & Sound ~ Mary Ellis ~ Rev P McCullock ~ Alan Micklethwaite ~ Toys R Us and the army of car park attendants, refreshment providers and anyone else we've forgotten.

Ruth Andrews as Madge the Witch