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Record: 21 Monday, 27 December 1999 20:04PM
Name: Joy Bosman
From: latest stop - Holland
Referred by: The main man himself
Comments: Its fantastic Patrick! What more can I say except... Draagt U een pruik, meneer?
Patrick replies: Erm... No, but I have dyed my hair!!


Record: 20 Sunday 12 December 1999 18:11PM
Name: Lara Tomlinson
From: Lincoln
Referred by: Super smashing Patrick told me
Comments: Smashing Super job Patrick, I love it more everyday!!
Patrick replies: And I love you more everyday!


Record: 19 Friday 03 December 1999 21:09PM
Name: Peter Burroughs
From: Southport
Referred by: Link from LTG
Comments: Great site! I'm from Southport Dramatic Club and am doing a whistle stop tour of LTG web sites


Record: 18 Wednesday 27 October 1999 20:34PM
Name: Pekka Väisänen
From: Kotka Finland
Referred by: from my clients guestbook  (composer Ukkola).
Comments: Best regards from Finland


Record: 17 Monday 25 October 1999 14:15PM
Name: Charlotte Broughton
From: Lincoln
Referred by: Typed in the address!!
Comments: I thought I would sign at last. it gets better and better. Well done!


Record: 16 Thursday 21 October 1999 09:08AM
Name: Dominic Neesam
From: Izmir, Turkey
Referred by: Patrick
Comments: Best regards to my friend Patrick who I know from University days. I know he will be delighted to have linked the internet to one of the oldest forms of entertainment!


Record: 15 Saturday 16 October 1999 12:24PM
Name: phyllis mary walshaw
From: bleasby grange
Referred by: local info
Comments: great


Record: 14 Friday 15 October 1999 19:42PM
Name: Eileen Chandler
From: Warrington
Referred by: Rachel
Comments: Looks great, Well done!
Cheers, Eileen xxx


Record: 13 Monday 11 October 1999 16:49PM
Name: John Makin
From: Nottingham
Referred by: LRP handout!
Comments: Really nice site...very helpful to anyone needing to know what LRP does, where it is etc. Keep it up   John


Record: 12 Monday 11 October 1999 11:28AM Kalevi Ukkola
Name: Kalevi Ukkola
Referred by: -
Comments: Hello all MUSIC LOVERS ! Sincerely, Kalevi Ukkola


Record: 11 Tuesday 05 October 1999 11:39AM Marcus Nutting
Name: Marcus Nutting
e-mail: ?
From: Leeds
Referred by: Hmmm?
Comments: Nice one boss man.


Record: 10 Tuesday 05 October 1999 11:31AM
Name: John Langley
From: Bromsgrove
Referred by: Too much detail on the dodgy lighting person if you ask me!
Comments: Howdie patrick. Sites looking good.


Record: 09 Sunday 03 October 1999 11:47AM
Name: Jenny Peachey
From: Market Rasen
Referred by: word of mouth


Record: 08 Friday 01 October 1999 14:28PM
Name: lisa langston
From: lincoln
Referred by: from david and charlotte broughton
Comments: spiffing innovation what! why havent i got a profile patrick? hope you are well love lisaxxx
Patrick replies: Okay, okay!! I've written you a profile; it's here Thanks for the visit, Lisa


Record: 07 Monday 27 September 1999 23:46PM
Name: elaine and anna
From: market rasen
Referred by: typed in address
Comments: where is our photo patrick?!I thought there was member profiles on all members!!!Jolly good show though looks spiffing!
Patrick replies: Be patient girls! The profiles section is growing gradually... there are hundreds to do. I've started yours... check Elaine & Anna


Record: 06 Monday 27 September 1999 20:20PM
Name: Richy Scuffham
From: Market Rasen/England
Referred by: AOL search on Lindsey Rural Players
Comments: Nice one Patrick I think it is just brilliant well done and I hope it proves to increase the interest and patronage of the company.


Record: 05 Sunday 26 September 1999 15:18PM
Name: Nigel Dring
From: Market Rasen
Referred by: From an old friend.
Comments: What a great way to remember past productions, and members of the cast. An excellent site, I hope people viewing it, enjoy it. Well Done chap!


Record: 04 Wednesday, 22 September 1999 15:38PM
Name: matthew hill
From: market rasen
Referred by:  


Record: 03 Thursday, 16 September 1999 20:40PM
Name: Helen Chandler
From: Doncaster
Referred by: I was shown it.
Comments: la la lurvely patrick.  you're a very clever person and I worship you


Record: 02 Friday, 27 August 1999 11:54AM
Referred by: email link
Comments: Its smart and helps make the website more interactive. Well done patrick..


Record: 01 Sunday, August 22, 1999 1:10AM Stuart Cheshire
Name: Stuart Cheshire
From: Doncaster
Referred by: Through a web browser
Comments: Really well done site..Looks good....well done..


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