Member Profile:Vicki Makin



Vicki Makin (1917-2003)


Founder member and Secretary of the Holton Players and also one of the founder members of the Lindsey Rural Players, Vicki's commitment to the company was quite remarkable.  Vicki was responsible for the Broadbent Box Office for more years than any of us can remember.  Such commitment was rewarded by the LRP membership at the 1993 AGM who elected Vicki an Honorary Life Member.  This is the highest accolade that the membership can bestow.

It was at Vicki and Noel's house, Holton Hall, that the Holton Players performed at during the period after they were forced out of the nissen hut by fire.  (see the LRP History).  Holton Hall has also been the venue for recent LRP Summer Garden Parties.

Vicki's father, a Methodist Minister, actually preached at the Methodist Chapel in the days before it was converted to the Broadbent Theatre.

While demonstrating the Broadbent website to Vicki, I asked if she'd like a go.  "Oh no!", she replied, "I don't do computers, just knitting!"