Member Profile:

Jenny Brundle



LRP Productions
Tartuffe Lighting and Sound Apr/May 1999
Bouncers Sound June 1998
Metamorphosis Lighting Technician November 1997
Puss in Boots Car Parking Jan/Feb 1997
Our Country's Good Continuity November 1996
Bouncers Sound Technician April 1996
The Winter's Tale Lights April 1995
Cinderella Continuity January 1994
The Pirate Prince Continuity Jan/Feb 1993
Happy Birthday Continuity October 1992
Mrs Warren's Profession Continuity April 1992
Aladdin Continuity Jan/Feb 1992
Teechers Continuity October 1991
Robin Hood Continuity Jan/Feb 1991
Breath of Spring Production Assistant / Continuity October 1990
The Diary of Anne Frank Continuity July 1990
How the Other Half Loves Prompt April 1990
Jack and the Beanstalk Production Assistant Jan/Feb 1990
Mother Goose Production Assistant January 1989
Little Red Riding Hood Sound January 1986
Bazaar & Rummage / Fear of Heaven Sound July 1985
The Clandestine Marriage Sound May 1985
Robinson Crusoe Sound January 1985
Spring and Port Wine Sound October 1983
Aurora Leigh / Pinter Sketches Sound July 1983