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Ryan Dring

Ryan was my first technical partner when we worked together on Teechers followed by nearly every show until Cinderella. They say that the art of comedy is timing and Ryan is best remembered for his famous sound cue in Robin Hood when the sound effect followed the dropped bomb by quite a few seconds! Techies are unfortunately rarely noticed when they do things well.

These days Ryan can be found either working on his father's farm or else he's down the pub!


LRP Productions
Cinderella Sound January 1994
The Merchant of Venice Sound June 1993
The Pirate Prince Sound Jan/Feb 1993
Happy Birthday Sound October1992
One Act Plays Sound July 1992
Mrs Warren's Profession Sound April 1992
Aladdin Sound Engineer Jan/Feb 1992
Teechers Sound October 1991
The Killing of Sister George Sound Technician July 1991
Spark in Judea Sound April 1991
Robin Hood Sound Technician Jan/Feb 1991