Sinbad the Sailor

Sinbad the Sailor

by John Morley
directed by Tim Raynes

Lara as Sinbad
Sinbad is the hero of one of the tales of the Arabian Nights.  He is a swash-buckling sailor from the Middle East who has many adventures which always involve a great deal of excitement and danger.  This story is no exception!



Sinbad the Sailor, Ship's Captain Lara Tomlinson
Mrs Semolina Sinbad, Ship's Cook and Sinbad's Mother Lisa Langston
Tinbad the Tailor, Sailmaker and Mrs Sinbad's friend Nigel Dring
Mustapha Kit-Kat, Ship's Bosun Katherine Boyce
The Princess Pearl, Caliph's bride-to-be Michelle Boryszczuk
Sinistro, Wicked sorcerer Beverley Anthony
Talida, Native girl of Nirvana Claire Jones / Laura Holmes
Cruchbones, Witchdoctor of Nirvana Juliana Hogg
The Old Man of the Sea Peter Langston
Bludruncolda Ruth Andrews
Coca, Ex-member of the Caliph's harem Rachel Hogg
Cola, Ex-member of the Caliph's harem Toni Bryan
The Man-Eating Plant Louise Cutler
The Caliph of Constantinople Patrick Markham
The Wazir of Constantinople Malcolm Worth
The Voice on the Radio Charlotte Broughton
The Chorus, Citizens of Constantinople, Natives of Nirvana, The Living Statues, Slaves at the Shrine of Love & Guests at Sinbad's wedding

Lynne Alexander, Caroline Anthony, Louise Cutler, Liz Doughty, Rob Doughty, Amy Freeman, James Freeman, Laura Holmes, Claire Jones. Peter Langston and Kerry Quinn

Musical Director: Ruth Andrews


Continuity Karen Raynes
Stage Manager Gail Dennis
Assistant Stage Managers Louise Hogg, Emma Major and Alison Quinn
Lighting Patrick Markham
Lighting Assistant  Thirzah Jennings
Sound David Potter
Costumes Helen Burke, Juliana Hogg, Charlotte Broughton and the Cast
Properties June Raynes, Mavis Hodgkins and Juliana Hogg
Set Construction David Broughton, Ian Uprichard and Alan Cutler
Set Design and Painting Tim Raynes, Tina Speck (who painted the jungle), and David Broughton
Box Office Vicki Makin
Front of House Trevor Minett
House Manager Pauline Uprichard



Our sincere thanks to JH Starbuck, Bakers of Market Rasen for help with Mrs Sinbad's picnic and Jamie Brown at TGS Lighting and Sound.


Sinbad Storyboard
Please be patient while the pictures load. Place your mouse over the picture to find out what's going on!

Sinbad greets the people of Constantinople Sinbad meets the wicked sorcerer, Sinistro Sinbad and his crew: Tinbad the Tailor, Mrs Sinbad and Mustapha

The Caliph of Constantinople enquires after the Sorcerer's destination The beautiful Princess Pearl.  Kidnapped by Sinistro on the very day she is to marry the Caliph
Sinbad is persauded to transport the Old Man of the Sea Sinbad and Tinbad in the Shine of Eternal Love Mrs Sinbad enjoying her programme on Radio 4
The hilarious ballet sequence in the Shrine of Eternal Love Talida is kidnapped by Crunchbones the Witchdoctor Tinbad the Tailor and Mrs Sinbad
 The Old Man of the Sea 'Strangers in Paradise': Sinbad and Talida The Grotto of Living Statues and the Gate to the Emerald Valley
These photos have been selected from a digital video recording of the production. Huge thanks to Lara Tomlinson for the camera and the concept and for spending hours selecting the stills. Video recording by Patrick Markham.