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Lisa Langston

'An ugly duckling that developed into a beautiful swan', An apt description of a talented individual who, although was 28 before passing her driving test, became the fattest woman to play football for English Universities Womens' 1st XI at the tender age of 19.

Despite being dismal in audition, Lisa  blagged herself a place on a Theatre and Educational Research degree at Lancaster Uni.  She was so bad that the degree quickly became Educational Research and a bit of Theatre.  But she so loved being with such a talented group of aspiring actors/esess that she became a total anarchist dabbling in "experimental, abstract and alternative theatre".  With this and her conversion to the feminist cause, a niche on the stage was found in comedy (or at least making people laugh without being given detention!)

After leaving university, Lisa concentrated on playing football (West Bromwich Albion), earning money, failing relationships and over-eating... before, that is, she met Colin, fell in love and gave birth to a beautiful baby, Ellie in 1998.

Lisa lives and works in Lincoln. As well as Colin and her daughter, she loves Pantoland, Grimsby Town FC and Charlotte & David Broughton! 


LRP Productions
Aladdin Set Painter Jan/Feb 2014
Cheshire Cats Director October 2013
Lillies on the Land Peggy May 2013
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens' Guild Dramatic Society's Production of "Macbeth" Producer, Director, Costumes, Props and Sound Effects May 2010
Dick Whittington PC Plod Jan/Feb 2010
Super Sleigh Ride Vode an Elf December 2008
Humpty Dumpty: The Eggs Files Director / Set painter's labourer Jan/Feb 2008
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens' Guild Operatic Society's Production of 'The Mikado' Flora (playing The Mikado), Ann May 2007
Aladdin Producer, Stage Manager Jan/Feb 2007
My Mother Said I Never Should Jackie Metcalf, BLAG Co-Director September 2005
Steel Magnolias M'Lynn May/June 2005
Steel Magnolias M'Lynn October 2004
The Inaccurate Conception Producer and Director, Set Design and Painting May 2004
Babes in the Wood Director, Madge the Witch Jan/Feb 2004
World Premiere Ruth Truelove October 2003
The Inaccurate Conception Producer and Director, Set Design and Painting July 2003
Cinderella Lady Halfcock, Cinderella's Stepmother February 2003
Jubilee Variety Performance "Through Rose Tinted Specticles" and Spaghetti" June 2002
Sleeping Beauty Gravia, the bad Fairy, Producer, Properties February 2002
A Toe in the Water Sandra October 2001
Mother Goose Demon Discontent Jan/Feb 2001
An Evening of Intimate Theatre "A Woman Alone" - Sharon June/July 2000
Sinbad The Sailor Mrs Semolina Sinbad, Ship's Cook & Sinbad's Mother February 2000
Puss in Boots Chuckles Jan/Feb 1997
Little Red Riding Hood Poppet Jan/Feb 1996
Nasty Neighbours Ellen Chapman October 1995
Hereward Continuity July 1995
The Winter's Tale Clown April 1995
Babes in the Wood Lofty Jan/Feb 1995
Steaming Dawn July 1994
Pinter Sketches : The Black & White / Request Stop 2nd Old Woman / College Girl July 1983

Lisa (right) as The Mikado
Lisa (right) as The Mikado

Other Companies

Midsummer Nights Dream Bottom LUTUS (1988)
Chekov   LUTUS (1987)
Death of a Salesman Co-Director / Prompt LUTUS (1986)
Archeology of Desire Cast Member The Palace, London (1986)
Comedy Store Comedian Dukes Theatre (1985/87)
"Woyceck" by George Buckner Woyceck LUTUS (1985)
"Caberet" Kit Kat Girl LUTUS (1984)
"Female Parts" by Dario Fo One Woman Show LUTUS (1984)


Lisa as Mrs Sinbad [Jan 2000]
Lisa as Mrs Sinbad making the most of her roll in "Sinbad the Sailor"!