Cinderella... it's a kind of magic

Cinderella's a kind of magic

by Tony Nicholls
adapted by Juliana Hogg & Patrick Markham

directed by Juliana Hogg    technical direction by Patrick Markham



Cinderella, a serving girl Rachel Hogg
Prince Charming, the handsome prince Ben Blyth
Count Dandini, his evil cousin Gloria Poole
Rocco, Dandini's henchman Rosie Beale
Sprang, Dandini's henchman Rachel Troughton
Lucy, the devil Catharine Ecob
Sabina, an assistant devil Victoria Cattell
Carmelita, an assistant devil Teana Hutchinson
Baron Halfcock, Cinderella's father Malcolm Worth
Lady Halfcock, Cinderella's Stepmother Lisa Langston
Swot, an ugly sister Byron Scott
Hetty, an ugly sister Ian Rushby
Buttons, Baron Halfcock's valet Richard Scuffham
Mama, the ghost of Cinderella's mother Pam Reaney
Master of Ceremonies Samantha Talbot
Devils: Shame, Guilt and Fear Samantha Talbot, Ann Jackson, John Dring
Cinderella's Horse John Dring (front) and William Scott (back)
Cinderella's Footmen William Blyth
Chorus of Peasant Villagers and Ball Guests John Dring, Ann Jackson, Samantha Talbot, Ashley Hambrook
Child Chorus Team A Jade Truswell, Edward Blyth, Louise Cutler, William Scott
Child Chorus Team B Katy Rhodes, William Blyth, Louise Cutler, Phoebe Nicholls

Dandini has evil plans in the graveyard but will he get much help from Rocco and Sprang? Cinderella gets in the way The Peasants haven't got a brain between them Who's the devilish babe lurking in the tomb? It's Lucy with her sexy sidekicks those peasants make another appearance "You said you'd help us with our stalls!" my girls... little cherubs "I had to pick up my own teddy!"  "I've got a..." Knowing your place... in the bosom of his family "It's from the Prince!" "Go to the ball indeed!" Sexy Devils ... dont trust them! "Just how stunning am I?!" "Allo... where are the ladees?" Lucy's looking for trouble "It's... it's a kind of magic" "that was my play lunch" "Give you a race... marks, set, go!" "Keep looking!" If you're going to tempt... you've got to be tempting! "Walk this way" Lucy in Disguise... "I'm from Hello Magazine"


Stage Manager and Props Nick Mugford
Assistant Stage Managers Louise Hogg, Ashley Hambrook, Phillip Goodyear, Juliana Hogg
Vocal Coach Ruth Andrews
Lighting Design and Operation Patrick Markham
Sound David Potter
Followspot Ashley Hambrook
Costume Design and Manufacture Helen Burke
Pyrotechnics and Special Effects Patrick Markham
Make-up Juliana Hogg and the cast
Set and Special Prop Building Malcolm Worth, David Broughton
Scenic Design and Artistry David Broughton, Tina Speck, Ashley Hambrook
Continuity Juliana Hogg, Charlotte Broughton
Poster and Programme Artwork Tina Speck
Front of House Trevor Minett, Louise Cutler, Pauline Cave, Chris Hughes, Charlotte Broughton
Box Office Charlotte Broughton, David Broughton, Patrick Markham



 Spectrum Pyrotechnics; The Nags Head, Market Rasen for sponsoring the Horse; Dent's Coaches, Market Rasen for transporting the audience; Jamie Brown at TGS Lighting and Sound; Ian Foster and Rod Alcock at Discount Sound and Light, Lou Burke


Lincs Echo photo and article. Fri 31st Jan
Lincs Echo photos and article. Thurs 6th Feb