Robin Hood

written & directed by Graham Davidson
original lyrics & choreography by Mary Davidson

Robin Hood is the leader of a band of merry, but not very intelligent, men and they all live together in Sherwood Forest.

Robin's arch enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham, has decided to travel to Lincoln, to show off his unwilling bride to be, the Lady Marion, to his cousin but to do so he has to travel through Sherwood. Two very special 'minders', Dawdle and Bungle, are hired to protect the Sheriff and his 'treasure' on their journey through the forest. Not surprisingly, things go badly wrong resulting in madness and mayhem for all concerned and culminating in an unexpected and explosive end.



Lady Marion Angela Hunter
Robin Hood Noreen Bradford
Mother Hood Ian Uprichard
Sheriff of Nottingham Tim Bradford
Ron Dawdle Keith Rylands-Bolton
Ron Bungle Julie Taylor
Sienna the Seer Mary Davidson
Little John Jon Taylor
Friar Tuck Titch Rivett
Mad Eddy Hugh Dower
Alan-A-Dale Nigel Dring
Will Scarlett Chris Hudson
Barman Andy Abernethy
Captain of the Guards Elaine Dower
Guards Charles Minett, Helen Williams and Gareth Williams
Lightning Anya Hiley and Kerry James

Musical Director: Brian Tasker


Stage Managers Pauline Uprichard and Charlotte Broughton
ASM Tom Rivett
Set Construction Ian Uprichard and Tim Bradford
Set Decorators Melanie Elrington and David Broughton
Lighting Set John Fox and Nigel Dring
Lighting Technician Ted Warner
Sound Recordist Charles Ross
Sound Technician Ryan Dring
Wardrobe Sue Parrish, Ann Bingham, Ronni Harrison, Viv Pyttlik, Mrs Stimson, Mary Davidson, Charlotte Broughton and Angela Hunter
Special Props Ian Uprichard, Heather Muddiman, David Broughton, Tim Bradford and Graham Davidson
Continuity Jenny Brundle and Lynn Chapman
Box Office Vicki Makin
Poster Design Diana Elrington
Refreshments Janet Dring and David Broughton



As always we are indebted to a large number of people and organisations including the following to whom we express our most grateful thanks:

Middle Rasen Village Hall
Mawer Mason Bell
of Market Rasen
Recycle of Market Rasen
Mr D Levitt
Party Animal
of Lincoln
Lincoln Birchwood Marching Jazz Band
Denise Dale