Old World / Black Comedy

Old World

by Aleksei Arbuzov
(translated by Ariadne Nicolaeff)
directed by Keith Rylands-Bolton


Old World Cast

Lidya Vasilyevna Julie Taylor
Rodion Nikolayevich Tim Bradford
Voice Fiona Thatcher


The action takes place in August 1968 on the Riga Coast.


Old World Crew

Stage Management Pauline Uprichard & Nigel Dring


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Old World / Black Comedy

Black Comedy

by Peter Shaffer
directed by
Ted Warner


Black Comedy Cast

Brindsley Miller Chris Hudson
Carol Melkett Lara-Jane Tomlinson
Miss Fernival Gail Dennis
Colonel Melkett Hugh Dower
Harold Gorringe Simon Green
Clea Karen Hunter
Schuppanzigh John Males
Georg Bamberger Nigel Dring


Black Comedy Crew

Stage Manager Terry Wiseman
Continuity Charlotte Broughton


Lara-Pegs as Carol Melkett The lovely Lara-Pegs as Carol Melkett
Chris Hudson as Brindsley Miller and Nigel Dring as Georg Bamberger Chris Hudson and Nigel Dring
Karen Hunter, Nigel Dring & Lara Tomlinson Even with grey hair and silly beard, Nigel still manages to pull both the leading ladies!

The photo shows Karen Hunter as Clea, Nigel Dring as Georg Bamberger and Lara Tomlinson as Carol. (The mysterious Georg Bamberger seems to have a different beard every night!)

Brindsley Miller's place. The 'Black Comedy' set during a power cut Black Comedy set


for both plays

Poster & Programme Cover Design Diana Elrington
Box Office Vicki Makin
Publicity Mary Davidson & Marjorie Blatherwick
Lighting Patrick Markham
Sound Matt Lee
Set Design & Artistry David Broughton
Set Construction Graham Davidson & Ian Uprichard
Programme Text Ted Warner


Thanks to Lara Tomlinson for the photographs