by Moliere (translated by John Wood)
Directed by - Ted Warner

When he wrote Tartuffe in 1667, Moliere had been enjoying the patronage of Louis XIV. His farces became very popular because they poked fun at established figures such as doctors, lawyers and pretentious wives of the rich. With Tartuffe, however, he ran into trouble because he swiped at the religious establishment, which was too powerful to let him get away with it and the play was banned for several years. In an address to the King about the play Molliere wrote: 'the duty of comedy being to correct mens' errors in the course of amusing them, I thought there was nothing I could do to greater advantage than attack the vices of the age by depicting them in a ridiculous guise, hypocrisy being one of the most prevalent and pernicious among them.' Well, with Tartuffe he certainly succeeded.

The action of the play takes place in the Paris home of Orgon, a rich citizen who takes Tartuffe into his home, blinded by the man's assumed piety, giving him total presidency over the rest of his family and household.



Madame Pernelle - Mother of Orgon Gail Dennis
Orgon Hugh Dower
Elmire - Orgon's Wife Jenny Peachey
Mariane - his daughter Michelle Boryszczuk
Valere - in love with Mariane Nigel Dring
Cleante - Orgon's brother-in-law Richard Cartwright
Tartuffe Tim Bradford
Dorine - Mariane's Maid Noreen Bradford
Flipote - Mme Pernelles's maid Katherine Boyce
Mr Loyal - a Tipstaff Katherine Boyce
An Officer Ian Uprichard



Stage Management Gail Dennis
Lighting and Sound Jenny Brundle
Light Setting Nigel Dring & Hugh Dower
Set Construction Ian Uprichard
Set Decoration David Broughton & Alan Cutler
Upholstery Gail Dennis
Continuity Pauline Uprichard
Poster Design Michelle Boryszczuk & Ted Warner
Box Office Vicki Makin