Spark in Judea

by RF Delderfield
directed by
Peter M Elrington

Almost two thousand years ago a Roman Governor was asked to judge and pass sentence on a carpenter. A carpenter who had done nothing but philosophise and preach the inherent goodness of 'Man'. The religious significance of this event is well chronicled. However, little is known of the central characters who took part in the events leading to the Crucifixion, in particular, Pontius Pilate.

Spark in Judea explores Pilate's inner conflict; his dilemma of choice between conscience and duty. The play deals powerfully with the more tangible conflicts between the two 'faces' of Rome: Pilate's diplomacy versus the 'sword' of the garrison commander, Marius, and Rome versus the religious hierarchy of the Sanhedrin.



Claudia Procula, wife of the Procurator Joy Walker
Gurtha, a house servant Chris Hudson
Aurelian, civilian architect and engineer Andy Abernethy
Pontius Pilate Tim Bradford
Marius, Jerusalem garrison commander Keith Rylands-Bolton
Longinus, junior officer Nigel Dring
Annas, a former high priest Graham Davidson
Theocritus, a provincial merchant Graham Davidson
Nesta, his wife Mary Davidson
Mary Magdalene Angela Hunter
Caiaphas, high priest of Jerusalem Ian Uprichard
Joseph of Arimathea Andy Abernethy
Roman Century Piers Elrington



Production Assistant Mary Davidson
Costumier & Wardrobe Manager Viv Pyttlik
Stage Management Marion Plenderleith & Charlotte Broughton
Set Construction David Broughton & Graham Davidson
Decorators Melanie Elrington, David Broughton, Marion Plenderleith and Tim Bradford
Lighting Melanie Elrington & John Fox
Sound Charles Ross, Ryan Dring & Melanie Elrington
Continuity Charlotte Broughton
Poster Design Diana Elrington
Box Office Vicki Makin



Lindsey Rural Players would like to express their thanks to:

Robert Blatherwick, Reepham for making the oil lamps
Lynn Tutty, Waverley Unisex, Queen Street, Market Rasen for Gurtha's and Nesta's hair
Woodside Aquatic Nurseries, Walesby Road, Market Rasen for the loan of statues
Andrew MacDonald, The Pot Shop, Harding House, Steep Hill, Lincoln for the loan of pottery and ceramics