Mother Goose

Mother Goose

by John Morley
directed by Beverley Anthony & Richard Scuffham

Mother Goose wants to be beautiful, but to do this she has to give up her best friend Priscilla the Goose, and her happiness. With the help of her family can she battle the Demon of Discontent and the Queen of Gooseland to conquer her vanity and recover what means most to her?



Mother Goose Julie Hogg
Colin, her son Robert Dennis
Silly Billy, her other son James Hall
Sir Jasper Moneybags Jason Young
Jill, his niece Caroline Anthony
Mangle Wurzle, batty Bailiff Ian Rushby
Hayseed Rachel Hogg
Duke of Dartmoor Malcolm Worth
Duchess of Dartmoor Emma Major
Clodhopper, the Blacksmith John Anthony
Priscilla the Goose Louise Hogg / Emma Tuplin
Fairy Happiness Katherine Boyce
Demon Discontent Lisa Langston
Queen of Gooseland Jane Barton
Eggstras Louise Cutler, Siobhan Hustler, Laura Holmes, Janet Hack, Robert Doughty, Steven Doughty, Nathan Hunt, Phil Nix, Jason Young, John Anthony
Goslings Amy Freeman, Esther Freeman, James Freeman, Daniel Hack, Duncan Hack, Phoebe Nicholls, Edward Readman, Jessica Readman, Jade Truswell, Jessica Whitlam

Julie, James Robert and Caroline

Musical Director: Ruth Andrews and Musician Samantha Talbot


Stage Manager / Props Emma Major
Assistant Stage Managers Louise Hogg, Emma Tuplin, Edward
Lighting Richard Scuffham
Continuity Ruth Andrews
Sound Technician David Potter
Costumes Helen Burke, Charlotte Broughton and the cast
Properties Emma Major & Charlotte Broughton
Makeup Juliana Hogg
Set construction Richard Scuffham, Malcolm Worth, Alan Cutler & Pauline Cave
Set Design and Painting Richard Scuffham, Tina Speck and David Broughton
Box Office Charlotte Broughton
Front of House Trevor Minett
House Management Gail Dennis
Programme James Hall
Posters David Broughton
Publicity  Katherine Boyce
Producer Charlotte Broughton

part of the Rocket Range painted by Tina Speck


Our sincere thanks to
James G Burton, Poultry Specialist, for the loan of Ostrich Eggs
Stefanie Scuffham, Leo Spowage & Polly Gough for Scooters

Cast photo by Kate Turner Market Rasen Mail.  Scenic photos: Tina Speck