Aurora Leigh

by Michelene Wandor
directed by Jane Rylands-Bolton

Aurora Leigh's search for freedom leads her as a young woman to reject marriage and financial security offered by Romney Leigh, her cousin, in favour of an independent life of writing and working in London.

Her new life is disturbed by the unwanted appearance of Lady Waldemar, a woman desperate to gain Romney's love by any means. Romney has turned to good works and has proposed to a poor country girl, Marion Erle, but Lady Waldemar's schemes prevent the marriage and Marion is banished abroad where she suffers cruelly.

Aurora offers protection to Marion and they travel together to Italy, Aurora's former home. Finally, ten years after their first meeting, Romney and Aurora resolve their earlier differences.



Aurora Leigh Lynn Chapman
Aunt Marion Plenderleith
Romney Leigh Keith Jones
Lady Waldemar Molly Sykes
Marion Erle Alison Henry




Five Revue Sketches

by Harold Pinter
directed by
Keith Rylands-Bolton



"Touble in the Works"
Fibbs Graham Davidson
Wills Charles Barker
"The Black and White"
1st Old Woman Libby Ellis
2nd Old Woman Lisa Langston
"Request Stop"
Woman Joy Walker
Man Graham Davidson
College Girl Lisa Langston
"Last to Go"
Newspaper Seller Bentley Hughes
Woman at Teastall Maxine Bowen
Piffs Noreen Bradford
Lamb Charles Barker



Stage Management Helen Edwards, Maxine Brown and Marion Plenderleith
Lighting Julie Taylor and Bentley Hughes
Sound Effects Charles Barker and Chic Ross
Sound Jenny Brundle
Box Office Jane Nutting
Refreshments Madge Johnson, Margaret Stanney and Vi Davies



Garden Chairs for Aurora Leigh kindly loaned by Chris Anderson of the White Hart, Lissington