The Shell Seekers

by Terence Brady & Charlotte Bingham
from the novel by Rosamunde Pilcher

directed by  Gloria Poole





Penelope Keeling Beverley Anthony
Nancy, her first born daughter Rosie Beale
Olivia, her second born daughter Catherine Hughes
Noel, her son, third born Martin Noble
George, husband of Nancy John Anthony
Lawrence, Penelope's father David Lintin
Penny, young Penelope, doubling with Antonia Jodie Smart
Richard, doubling with Danus Peter Langston
Roy Brookner Tim Bradford
Ellen, Penelope's Housekeeper Charlotte Broughton



Director Gloria Poole
Assistant to the Director and Continuity Annette Holland
Stage Manager Nick Mugford
Stage Crew Marcus Holland
Lighting Design and Technician Patrick Markham
Sound Technicians James Freeman and Ian Mills
Wardrobe Jan Allen and the Cast
Properties Helen Horton
Set Design Ashley Hambrook
Set Construction and Painting David Lintin, Peter Langston and David Broughton
Shell Seekers painting

Tina Speck

Publicity Lindsey Rural Players Publicity Team
Front of House Members of Lindsey Rural Players



We are grateful for the help received on this production from many sources, from displaying posters to lending props. The helpers are too numerous to mention but they know who they are.