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Joy Bosman (Pritchard)

Having returned from a year in Nigeria, Joy came home to Welton and spent a short spell with LRP during 1992 taking the title role in Aladdin. She went on to play a fine Miss Vivie opposite Ruth Andrews in Mrs Warren's Profession. Determined not to do any more theatre, Joy was working in the Co-op toy department while looking for a real job! It was during this time that she was called upon to step into the role of Simms at very short notice. She learnt the part in one afternoon and showed that she had a photographic memory as well as a fine acting talent.

When no real job showed up, Joy turned to teaching and spent the next year doing her BEd in Huddersfield. This led to a teaching job in Uckfield where she met John Bosman, broke our hearts and married him!

Never one to stay put for too long, Joy has spent two years teaching maths in Turkey. In 1999 she moved to John's home country, Holland.  Joy and John now have two children, Ryan born in January 2001 and Tara born on Valentine's Day 2003.


LRP Productions
Two Hander Simms July 1992
Mrs Warren's Profession Vivie Warren April 1992
Aladdin Aladdin Jan/Feb 1992


Frans van Baaren & Joy Bosman [Jan 1992] Aladdin (Joy Bosman) meets the Genie of the Lamp (Frans van Baaren) Aladdin 1992

Joy and John
Holland, Nov 1999

Joy and John Bosman (Nov 1999)