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Jenny Peachey

A fine comic actress, Jenny has that enviable ability to make people laugh without appearing to try!  She began her Broadbent career in Babes in the Wood in the much acclaimed role of Spirit of the Wood (or, as she put it herself, Miss Gin & Tonic 1969!)  Another notable appearance was in Nasty Neighbours when she played her near-namesake, Jean Peach!

Jenny boldly went where she'd never been before and had great success writing and directing her own panto. "Cinderella, I think"  was performed at Walesby Village Hall for two nights at Christmas 2000.  She tells me she was very pleased with the response as she honestly hadn't a clue of how it would be received.  It was well worth all the hard work in the end but Jenny insists she's never doing it again!  Of course, she was back with another for Christmas 2001!!

Jenny is married to Bill and has two lovely daughters, Eleanor and Lydia, all of which have appeared on the Broadbent stage.


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Alex and Jenny in Aladdin [Jan 1999] Jenny as The Vizier in Aladdin.  Pictured here with Princess Alex