Bill Peachey [July 2002]Member Profile:


Bill Peachey d. 2009


After helping out backstage in his first LRP show, Babes in the Wood, Bill has been persuaded to take on various roles on stage as well as continue with his activity in the wings.  Captain Curtain is not a character in Puss in Boots, but is in fact the name that Bill become known as after his backstage role as chief curtain operator!

Bill was married to Jenny.  Their two lovely daughters are Eleanor and Lydia, both of which have acted at the Broadbent.

Sadly Bill passed away on  16th Feb 2009


LRP Productions
The Merry Wives of Windsor Bardolph, Falstaff's follower July 2002
A Toe in the Water Plumber / Assistant Stage Manager October 2001
Sand Castles Mr Kite October 2000
Bouncers Marco / Stage Management June 1998
Seconds Out / Nearly Four / The Bear Stage Manager April 1998
Charley's Aunt Farmer / Stage Manager April 1997
Puss in Boots Captain Curtain Jan/Feb 1997
Bouncers Marco April 1996
Little Red Riding Hood Stage Crew Jan/Feb 1996
Nasty Neighbours Stage Crew / Guest Appearance October 1995
Hereward Guard July 1995
The Winters Tale Gaoler April 1995
Babes in the Wood Stage Crew / Set Construction & Special Props Jan/Feb 1995