Songs from the Musicals

devised and directed by Pamela Reaney



Michelle Boryszczuk; Graham Davidson; Hugh Dower; Chris Eaton; Lizzie Lamming; Aimee Mikherjee; Jenny Peachey; Melanie Pirrie; Richard Scuffham; Lara-Jane Tomlinson; Charlotte Vincent


& the Children

Kerrie Adland; Duane Fentiman; Duran Fentiman; Siobhan Hustler; Eleanor Peachey; Lydia Peachey; Rachel Tubman


Musical Director: Brian Tasker (piano)
with Dan Clare (percussion) & Jamie Robson (guitar)



Stage Management Gail Dennis
Assistant Stage Managers Ian Edgar, Charlotte Broughton and Elaine Dower
Lights Rigged by Bentley Hughes
Lighting and Sound Crew Bentley Hughes, Robert Dennis and Ian Edgar
Set Construction Hugh Dower
Set Decoration David Broughton
Box Office Margery Smith & John Smith