Bedroom Farce

by Alan Ayckbourne
directed by Keith Jones

Ernest and Delia go out to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary. When this is a failure they return home and prepare to celebrate with pilchards on toast in bed. Malcolm and Kate are preparing a house-warming party: Nick and Jan have been invited to this but Nick has hurt his back and prepares to rest quietly in bed. All three preparations are doomed, however, to disaster by the marital problems of Trevor (son of Ernest and Delia) and his wife, who descend on each couple in turn leaving chaos in their wake, finally taking over the bedroom of the long-suffering Malcolm and Kate. The three bedrooms are presented simultaneously on stage and the action flows in and out from one to another during this hectic night.



Ernest Greg Platt
Delia Jill Charlton
Nick Keith Rylands-Bolton
Jan Lynn Chapman
Malcolm Graham Davidson
Kate Julie Taylor
Trevor Charles Barker
Susannah Mary Greensmith



Stage Management Alison Henry
Beds designed and built by Douglas Ballard & Ivor Ketteringham
Lighting Set Bentley Hughes
Lighting Operation Andrew Charlton and Kevin Cousins
Sound Steven Chapman
Setting Keith Jones and Alison Henry
Box Office Jane Nutting
Coffee M Johnson, V Davies and M Stanney