Robinson Crusoe

written & directed by Greg Platt

Ma Crusoe runs a dilapidated, tumbledown tea shoppe and is up to her ears in debt to Baron Bumble, who is threatening to foreclose on her loan. To make matters worse, Robinson Crusoe is in love with the baron's daughter, Miranda, but without any money and no prospects, the baron refuses to give them permission to marry. Robinson decides to seek his fortune by going to sea - but enough of the plot. Just hope for a happy ending.



Ma Crusoe Keith Rylands-Bolton
Sebastian Mary Greensmith
Robinson Crusoe Noreen BRadford
Miranda Mary Chapman
Baron Bumble Bentley Hughes
Lucy Alison Henry
Mr Mate Andrew Charlton
Captain Blood Graham Davidson
Man Friday John Dring
Villagers Kevin Cousins, Steve Picken and Greg Platt
Chorus/Dancers Caren Bryan, Helen Williams, Dawn Miller, Juliette Mawer, Kirsti White and Georgia West


Musical Director: Keith Jones



Stage Manager Kevin Cousins
Stage Management Team Pru Nickerson and Steve Picken
Lighting Chas Barker and Chris Picken
Sound Jenny Brundle
Set Douglas Ballard and Ivor Ketteringham
Scenes Alison Henry
Box Office Jane Nutting
Costume Members and Friends of the Company
Refreshments Mrs Johnson, Mrs Davies and Mrs Stanney