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Record: 287 Monday, 23 December 2002 16:22PM
Name: Oggy
From: Tealby
Referred by: that Patrick person's me bestest mate!!

and to remind you all to book early for this years Pantomime

         CINDERELLA - Its a Kind Of Magic

Two matinees already sold out, so book early to avoid disappointment!!!!


Record: 286 Saturday, 21 December 2002 03:13AM
Name: alan whittle
From: Nottingham
Referred by: was looking up Sue Townsend on the net, and saw Broadbent theatre - as a lifelong fan of Jim Broadbent - I had to follow up.  Determined now to visit the theatre!
Comments: I am so pleased that someone has put such a nice website together for Jim Broadbent.  he really deserves a strong presence on the internet for all his fans. How about a section with the latest news about what he's up to.


Record: 285 Friday, 29 November 2002 15:46PM
Name: Chris Hughes
From: Middle Rasen
Referred by: Its famous!
Comments: This is the longest gap I have had between productions since I joined LRP and I am missing you all - but the website is keeping me up to date with what's going on. I would tell Patrick that he's a genius but he knows that already. I am glad the panto is going well (not that I thought it wouldn't) and I am envious of you all working on it - even though the theatre is freezing at this time of year.
If anyone wants to send the odd encouraging email don't hesitate. Love to all.


Record: 284 Tuesday, 26 November 2002 12:45PM
Name: Oggy
From: Tealby
Comments: Report on the latest Panto Song Rehearsal - Cathy, Ray and Tina YOU ROCK!!!!! this is gonna be fantastic!!! YOU GO GIRLS!!!


Record: 283 Tuesday, 12 November 2002 16:29PM
Name: Ash
From: Lincoln
Referred by: From Cinderella's Stepmother...
Comments: Just like to say thanks for making a newbie feel welcome.


Record: 282 Monday, 11 November 2002 17:15PM
Name: Oggy
From: Tealby
Comments: I agree with you about the Panto Ben.  We are doing extra performances this year and for the first time there will be 2 performances on the Sundays, tickets have already started sell, so I think this year folks need to book early to avoid disappointment.  We're ok we will defintely be there!!!


Record: 281 Sunday, 10 November 2002 15:14PM
Name: Ben the Elf
From: The Moon!
Referred by: Im just plain clever
Comments: I've been so busy writing in the discussion forum i forgot to dsign the guest boook and i haven't written in ages!
Hope your all well, and I recommend anyone to book tickets for the Panto early this year because its a really good script and im Loving it!
C'ya all soon,


Record: 280 Friday, 25 October 2002 19:43PM
Name: Kevin
From: Baltimore, MD
Comments: Does anyone know where I might purchase a photograph of Jim Broadbent with his Academy Award?


Record: 279 Friday, 25 October 2002 18:20PM
Name: angie
From: bristol, england
Referred by: ask jeeves
Comments: my son is an avid broadbent fan and we are desperately trying to find videos of "the peter principle" . anybody got any ideas. please email


Record: 278 Friday, 25 October 2002 09:00AM
Name: H
From: Lincoln/UK or Brandywine/Maryland/USA
Referred by: Second star to the right, then straight on 'til morning
Comments: I'm only signing this here Guestbook 'cos you said I had to Patrick, just as long as you know.
I haven't counted all the clickable links yet, but there's certainly a few. Nice site tho.
Thanks for proving how useless I am at web design.


Record: 277 Thursday, 17 October 2002 21:01PM
Name: lil lou
From: sixhills
Referred by: why from you of course partrick dear!!!!!!!!
Comments: hey ppl.  Its lookin good.  cya soon.  lou xxxx


Record: 276 Monday, 07 October 2002 16:14PM
Name: ray
From: tealby
Referred by: i'm a member
Comments: patrick i wrote you and cathy a lovely comment in the guest book and you're far too damn busy picking up your house keys and being happy to enter it into the guestbook which i happen to think is very rude and inconsiderate of you. anyway we shall see you on sunday for more madness no doubt. take care darlings and enjoy your jacuzzi!!! love the ray
Patrick replies Thanks Ray... all comments updated at last!!!  love Patrick xxxxx


Record: 275 Sunday, 06 October 2002 18:45PM
Name: ray
From: tealby
Referred by: i'm just clever!!!
Comments: a huge congratulations to Patrick & Cathy on getting thier house together. We all wish you the very best of luck & happiness together. And we can't wait for the party!!! love you both! xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX


Record: 274 Saturday, 05 October 2002 19:15PM
Name: Helen
From: Collingham
Referred by: Patricks link from my website ( )
Comments: Finally got round to paying you a visit, and loved it, loved it loved it! I know whos brains to pick now when I next have a web crisis. Bye.


Record: 273 Friday, 04 October 2002 15:51PM
Name: Martin
From: argentina, mar del plata
Comments: Hi, I`m from Argentine, How are you? I`ve got to tell you that I`m no a good writting man, so I hope you understand, jajaja.
I loved Moulin Rouge, so I wanted to know who were the people who made it. I congratulates you, because this web site is has what i wanted to know about Jim. And if the one who reads this is Jim. I`ve got to say that you made a great acting in the Moulin. Since now I`m going to watch all your movies. So I`ll know more about all your career. Well. I`ve got to go. Send you a kiss from Mar del Plata, a little far away from you. Bye. And I wishes the best to you


Record: 272 Thursday, 03 October 2002 17:11PM
Name: Oggy
From: tealby
Comments: To Dave C

I believe Specsavers have a buy one get one free offer on.  May I suggest you take up the offer, and wear both pairs!!!!!!!


Record: 271 Thursday, 03 October 2002 16:37PM
Name: Cathy
From: Lincoln
Comments: To Dave C
If it needs such a vast improvement how come the site has won a golden web award?  Are you perchance trying to tout for business?  If you are, my guess is you'll be unlucky!!!


Record: 270 Thursday, 03 October 2002 14:32PM
Name: ray
From: tealby
Referred by: i'm a member
Comments: dave c
nobody else finds a problem with patrick's fantastic work on the website. there is a lot of work involved in creating a website. His work has been awarded & everyone else loves it!!!


Record: 269 Wednesday, 02 October 2002 11:35AM
Name: Dave C
From: Truro
Comments: This site needs vast a improvement. Anyone wanna contact me? txt me- 07814657168


Record: 268 Monday, 30 September 2002 18:42PM
Name: Irene
From: Hessle
Referred by:
Comments: hiya! i love Jim he is such a fantasic actor! great site keep it up! Irene


Record: 267 Wednesday, 25 September 2002 12:16PM
Name: tigbue zogbue
From: mugu togo
Comments: Bakassi have already finnish with this site my fellow gmen welldone ,  coollllllllllllllllllllllllllll.


Record: 266 Monday, 23 September 2002 17:52PM
Name: Oggy
From: Tealby
Comments: Come on Broadbenter's support your webmaster by using the discussion forum, if an idiot like me can do it so can you. If your name doesn't appear it could affect panto casting!!!!!!!!  We don't really need a huge CHORUS.


Record: 265 Friday, 20 September 2002 22:10PM
Name: Siobhan
From: mars
Referred by: i AM STILL a member
Comments: hi guys how r u all doin miss ya loads good luck to all of you who are going in for the panto auditions sorry i couldnt do it :(

  i have settled in fine here but its not there if that makes any sense to you?

  ill write again soon miss you all and thanx for being a second family to me love forever siobhan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Record: 264 Saturday, 14 September 2002 20:49PM
Name: Lou!
From: Sixhills
Referred by: The theatre of course!
Comments: Hey!

The site is lookin good patrick!
keep it up!
How come there are no decent pics of me anywhere! im complainin, i do need a profile update.
c ya soon
luv u always
lil lou xxxxxx


Record: 263 Tuesday, 10 September 2002 12:56PM
Name: old man of the sea (peter)
From: lincoln
Referred by: i'm the old man of the sea  i have a coputer to
Comments: hello mates
to all the cast congrates on the wonderful performance in mary wives it was great fun. i have been in some more theatre this summer as i played in OLIVER as Mr Brownlow
it was good fun but i wont leave the boadbent
patrick well done on the award but you know i could of done better HA HA HA joke!, 


Record: 262 Monday, 09 September 2002 13:36PM
Name: Peter
From: Warsaw
Referred by:
Comments: OH MY GOD...


Record: 261 Thursday, 05 September 2002 22:52PM
Name: Robert & Gail
From: Lincolnshire
Referred by: Err same way as before
Comments: Patrick this is just a quick update with OUR new home address if you want to change it. Also Robert will be wanting to update his members profile


Record: 260 Wednesday, 04 September 2002 01:46AM
Name: Pat
From: San Jose, CA USA
Referred by: Google! search engine!!
Comments: At last! A site to honor the wonderful Jim Broadbent. I discovered him in a movie called "The Good Father," where he starred with Anthony Hopkins. It was love at first sight. Jim was wonderful in the supporting role. His voice and his eyes, among other attributes, are gifts he uses to definite advantage! I've followed his career ever since, up to Moulin Rouge and, most recently, Iris. He has yet to disappoint me! Bravo, Jim! And thanks for this website where those of us in American can get information on this most marvelous of actors!!!


Record: 259 Friday, 16 August 2002 22:25PM
Name: Jenny Peachey
From: Walesby
Comments: Hi, Patrick
Need to update you with our (Peacheys) newish e mail address.  Keep up the good work, it makes great reading. 


Record: 258 Friday, 16 August 2002 00:54AM
Name: ashley (your coison)
From: swansea 
Referred by: no
Comments: please  ring  mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee
love always ashley


Record: 257 Thursday, 15 August 2002 19:24PM
Name: Gbenga
From: Alabama
Referred by: from yahoo recommendation
Comments: Nice site need more effort from the experts to make the site a full success keep it up.
Naija niggar stay away I am fishing already for my classmates


Record: 256 Wednesday, 14 August 2002 21:20PM
Name: marion thompson
From: grantham england
Referred by: lincolnshire website
Comments: I'd love a copy of Wideeyed and Legless/The Wedding Gift but I can't trace it any where. Can anyone help?. Goes without saying 'Jim's the greatest!'
Patrick Replies: It's easy!  Read my page on the film HERE and then scroll to the bottom and buy the film on video from   It's not available in the UK as far as I can see.


Record: 255 Tuesday, 13 August 2002 12:36PM
Name: Mary JC Lamming Chowen
From: Stratford On Avon
Comments: Great to see a little company like this thriving.
When doing family research i spotted Lizzie Lamming on your list. I was wondering if she is related to me?
Is the company situated in Lincolnshire or somewhere near?


Record: 254 Monday, 12 August 2002 00:04AM
Name: Rachel & Lauren
e-mail: Rach&
From: lincs
Referred by: through ben the elf god
Comments: Hey Ben my big bro howz it goin? Wheres your photo in da members profile! Gud Luk wit everything i'm sure ur gonna b a star sum day don't 4get me and rach wen ur rich and famous Havin fun keep smilin luv Rachel and Lil sis Lauren


Record: 253 Friday, 09 August 2002 23:27PM
Name: keith jones
From: lincoln
Referred by: ingenuity
Comments: I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the cast of "the merry wives" and I noticed that Keith Rylands Bolton has gone positively blond with age!


Record: 252 Sunday, 04 August 2002 14:26PM
Name: Shelley Tarasinski
From: Trafalgar E. Vic. Aust.
Referred by: Search engine--Netscape
Comments: I have a DVD copy and a video copy of Moulin Rouge.  I have watched Moulin Rouge many times and it was inexplicable to me that Jim Broadbent did not get best supporting actor (in the USA) for his performance as Harry Zidler.  Or even a mention!!  (Richard Roxbourgh, too, should have received a mention for his performance as the Duke).  Both roles were essential to the success of Moulin Rouge.  I am delighted that Jim's talent has been honoured in Britain.  Jim's performance in "Like a Virgin" (and the Duke's as well) was brilliantly funny.  I wonder what Madonna thought of this version of her song? If she has got a sense of humour she should have liked it.  Congratulations from this Australian fan!


Record: 251 Thursday, 01 August 2002 17:51PM
Name: MJ Simpson
From: Leicester
Referred by: google
Comments: Nice site. Jim Broadbent has always been an undervalued actor and it's nice to see him finally getting some recognition. But... why no mention anywhere of his performances as Vroomfondel (philosopher) and Shooty (galactic cop) in the original radio series of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in 1978? - MJ Simpson, Research Archivist, Official Hitchhiker's Guide Appreciation Society (
Patrick Replies: the omission will be addressed before long... check back here again soon!


Record: 250 Monday, 29 July 2002 22:37PM
Name: Jane Foster
e-mail: witheld
From: Kintbury
Referred by: Search engine Google, but knew about it from Patrick
Comments: First time I've visited the site. Brilliant. Hadn't realised you were quite so famous Patrick, and to have an award as well, well done, indeed!! I will spread the word further. However there may be something I know that you may not know about Jim! Impossible, I know! but it's thanks to the kids watching children's TV!!
 He has done the voice for 'Basil' the mouse in The Brambly Hedge series. Four Tales about a community of mice during Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. We've got them taped if you're interested!
I don't think I thanked you properly for the photo, it was really good so thanks, mum especially is making the most of it! Well done again, love Jane.


Record: 249 Tuesday, 23 July 2002 14:28PM
Name: John Makin
From: Nottingham (formerly Holton Beckering).
Referred by: Patrick told me!
Comments: Dear Broadbenters,
     The Radio 4 prog. "Holton Players", Saturday July 20th, was excellent. Jim did a fine job, as did several of the original Holton Players! I hope everyone involved managed to hear it.
     There is a very nice review in today's [23/7/02]Daily Telegraph, page 17, by the wonderful Gillian Reynolds. Normally I don't go near the DT, but today I make an exception...

               Best wishes to all John Makin


Record: 248 Saturday, 20 July 2002 22:26PM
Name: Jim Murray
From: Tealby
Referred by: Google
Comments: Bedlated congratulations to Keith Rylands-Bolton, cast and excellent production of Merry plus ultra ! Costumes worthy of special note.
I did my homework (re)read the text and was so looking forward to the play that I arrived exactly a week early.
Crew yard was full of tractors etc...I must have been last patron to use old car park !
'Casualty' was very enjoyable.


Record: 247 Thursday, 18 July 2002 21:27PM
Name: Joe Levin
From: Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Referred by: searched under Jim Broadbent
Comments: Being 76 years old and once a compulsive selective movie (cinema)patron (from 1932 to the 1960's). In all those years there was only one motion picture that I considered my number one choice for best picture.

Being a Jim Broadbent fan, I awaited and enjoyed "Topsy Turvy".

After all those years I have replaced my "best" (#1) motion picture with "Topsy Turvy".

Jim Broadbent was absolutely flawless, as usual, as was the direction, supporting actors and the minutest details of that period of time. (The telephone scene was perfection)were exceptional.

My late wife an I have been the "Savoy" several times (our residents was the "Stand Palace" hotel (just across the street.)

I have bought the video tape and I have reviewed "Topsy Turvy"  over and over again ( with the greatest of pleasure) and in my eyes (an ears) it is truly a perfect and flawless event.

Thank you "Swank"     

Joe Levin  

PS: The heat here in Las Vegas is "hellish" as well, but I have not seen any dead horses in the streets. JL


Record: 246 Tuesday, 16 July 2002 07:51AM
Name: Tracy
From: Lincs
Comments: Congrats on a marverlous performance of the 'Merry Wives of Windsor'. 
Often we forget those involved in the technical side of things - the lighting & sound were very good too:) 
For such a small theatre, the all round performance quality was to be commended.  Well done.  I will cetainly be revisiting the Broadbent theatre in the near future.


Record: 245 Monday, 15 July 2002 16:03PM
Name: Chris Hughes
From: Middle Rasen, UK
Referred by: known about it for ages
Comments: Just a quick note to say congratulations to the cast, crew and director of 'Merry Wives of Windsor' for achieving the impossible and making something as dull as Shakespeare enjoyable! fantastic.


Record: 244 Thursday, 11 July 2002 00:38AM
Name: Jim Renshaw
From: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Referred by: Searching for Jim Broadbent" via Yahoo
Comments: What a great site for anyone admiring Jim Broadbent's acting talent.  The first impression yoou made on me, Jim was as "just an ordinary man" in one of the classic Victoria Wood programs.  Nice to see that you have remained so, despite all your well-earned success.  I especially enjoyed you in "The Wedding Gift" and "Little Voice".  Congrats on your deserved awards.  I look forward to many years of great characters from you!


Record: 243 Tuesday, 09 July 2002 23:11PM
Name: Gareth Williams
From: next door!
Comments: fantastic site mate, brought back many a fond memory-just need a member profile (nudge-wink!)
regards and keep up the good work-gareth.
Patrick Says: Your profile page has been started!


Record: 242 Saturday, 06 July 2002 10:41PM
Name: Kat
From: london
Comments: Well done on the award Patrick - thoroughly deserved. And SLT won one too. Yay!! Looking forward to seeing you all for Merry Wives!!


Record: 241 Thursday, 04 July 2002 18:27PM
Name: Mona
From: Stanmore/Harrow
Referred by: Search Engine
Comments: To Ms J. Simmonds,
i am so glad that you can finally contact all your friends again, even if me alice n george did it as a joke! i hope that you will remember us always because we will miss you.
Love from Mona


Record: 240 Wednesday, 03 July 2002 16:05PM
Name: Oggy
From: Tealby

**** You certainly deserve Amdrams PRAVDA AWARD for ****
     all the work you have put into your brilliant
     website, What did ya get then?


Record: 239 Tuesday, 02 July 2002 08:58AM
Name: Jim Murray
From: Tealby Lincs
Referred by: search engine
Comments: Just to wish you all good luck for a successful run with 'Merry Wives'.  Yrs JM


Record: 238 Sunday, 30 June 2002 11:17AM
Name: Hannah Strawson
From: Walesby
Referred by: just knew it.
Comments: hi! Still good website! When will the dates of the panto be known??? + is there a summer childrens production this yr?
Patrick Says: Check out the What's On section.


Record: 237 Saturday, 22 June 2002 00:09AM
Name: Michael Alvey
From: Lincoln
Referred by: Ted Warner had me look at it as I am in the process of putting a web site together for the Lincoln Phoenix Writers Circle of which I am a member.
Comments: A very good site, easily navigated, with very interesting information. There is much to hold the attention


Record: 236 Tuesday, 18 June 2002 15:25PM
Name: Paolo Sammut
From: St Albans, Herts, UK
Referred by: Shameless Plug
Comments: Hi Patrick.
Very nice website.  Keep up the good work


Record: 235 Thursday, 13 June 2002 00:53AM
Name: Peter Kambasis
From: Toronto, ON
Referred by: search engine
Comments: I was wondering who I could contact about obtaining a copy of "A Sense of History", the Mike Leigh film you were in. It played once at the Toronto Film Festival in 1992 and I was wondering if it was available at all on DVD or video? If you have any information as to where I can purchase a copy please feel free to contact me! Thank you in advance!


Record: 234 Saturday, 08 June 2002 16:46PM
Name: Ben Blyth
From: Faldingworth, second star on the right and strait on till morning!
Referred by: I found it all by my poor self!!!!!!!!
Comments: I haven't written for a while and thought it was about time i humoured myself....Good luck to everyone in the merry wives, (its probably premature but i'll forget nearer the date so its best to get it out of the way.) I'd advise anyone looking at this to come and see it, (because im in it!!!) oh and others may make walk on apperences. It is a really funny production and i have never been in anything like this before so its all new to me but im loving it. Anyone who wants to laugh.. may see me as a fairy, i'll probably end up with my family taunting me for years after... see oyu all on sunday,
>From Ben, the prancing pixie! 


Record: 233 Monday, 03 June 2002 18:40PM
Name: Jim Murray
From: Tealby
Comments: Forgeot to mention...I was looking for a cast list of 'Merry Wives' busy preparing for production by (re) reading the play and studying synopses.  JM


Record: 232 Monday, 03 June 2002 18:37PM
Name: Jim Murray
From: Tealby
Referred by: search engine under LRP
Comments: Patron of fairly long standing.  Much enjoy your excellent enhances the pleasure of theatre visits.  Just spent a pleasant hour browsing.  Thank you.


Record: 231 Tuesday 28 May 2002 16:47PM
Name: Dawn Baker
From: Norfolk
Referred by: pure coincidence
Comments: Just noticed the name of my long lost neice on the site
Lots of love to you Toni Bryan.


Record: 230 Thursday 23 May 2002 00:03AM
Name: Izzy Hunt
From: Gartmore Scotland
Referred by: just typed "" and it came up
Comments: Well done on all your awards!
I am just curious to know one thing though(totally unrelated)
Did you do a voice for the 1972 radio production of "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy"?
The cast list says that Vroomfondel and Shooty were played by James Broadbent and I was just curious to know if this was you.

Thanks v much
Izzy xx (15)


Record: 229 Tuesday, 21 May 2002 13:50PM
Name: m kine
From: grimston
Comments: good on yur jim!


Record: 228 Sunday, 12 May 2002 12:18PM
Name: Chris Hayes
From: Lincoln, UK
Referred by: Just looked for it
Comments: Well done, brill website.
And a nice Theatre.  It will be great to see you all on the 1st June, to help you celebrate the Jubilee.
I am Chris Hayes from The Penfold Players in Washingborough and we are going to do song from our production on your night.  See you all there.  Our production is on the 24th May 02.
Hello to Jayne who is on your committee and told me to join you with my fellow group.

Bye for now.


Record: 227 Saturday, 11 May 2002 17:56PM
Name: hana broadbent
From: gateshead
Referred by: yahoo
Comments: my name is hana 2 and its funny seeing sum1 wiv the same name as me


Record: 226 Saturday, 11 May 2002 00:39AM
Name: Chris Hayes
From: Lincoln UK
Referred by: Just typed in broadbent theatre and you were there.
Comments: Brilliant website, well done to you all at The Broadbent Theatre.  Keep up the good work.
It will be great to meet you all, as we will be coming to your theatre and performing with you on your Jubilee night on the 1st June. 

Hello to Jayne who is on your committee and told us to come and join you.
Hope you will be able to come and see our production on the 24th May.

See you soon.
Chris Hayes
>From The Penfold Players, Washingborough, Lincoln.


Record: 225 Saturday, 11 May 2002 00:34AM
Name: Chris Hayes
From: Lincoln
Referred by: Just looked for it
Comments: What a brilliant website.  Well doen to you all at the Broadbent Theatre.
It will be great coming to perform with you on the 1st June for your Jubilee night.
See you soon.  Hello to Jayne who told me about your Theatre.

Chris Hayes
>From The Penfold Players. Washingborough, Lincoln.


Record: 224 Friday, 10 May 2002 10:11AM
Name: Oggy
From: Tealby
Comments: As the LRP Publicity Officer i would like to pulicise that PATRICKS WONDERFUL WEBSITE IS IN THE TOP 5 NOMINATIONS FOR THE PRAVDA AWARD so will you all please cast your votes at  from June 15th when all the nominations are in.



Record: 223 Wednesday, 08 May 2002 14:41PM
Name: Colin Liley
From: Dagenham Essex
Referred by: Search engine...GOOGLE.
Comments: Dear Mr JIM,I thought you were very enlightened to appear in an unusual film such as "Mouline Rouge"But dosent it work so well.Your so lucky to have appeared with NICOLE & EWAN ,and that brillliant man who played the LORD.You are so wise to have taken that good part in that film.Bye Mr JIM


Record: 222 Tuesday, 07 May 2002 13:32PM
e-mail: siobhan
From: snarfland
Referred by: member
Comments: BOOOOOOOOOOOO it's me siobhan, i'm at school and thought i'd bother you. i've just done my 1st SAT paper. i was looking at the website and thought it looked gr8 as usual.
  i havn't written 4 ages so i thought i would (+i want 2 go in the guest book......
  love ya loads as always siobhan hustler little elf xxxxx
(snarf snarf snarf snarf) hee hee hee


Record: 221 Sunday, 05 May 2002 20:31PM
Name: Alice Lamming
From: Middle Rasen / London (uni)
Referred by: Rase Link web page
Comments: Hi, I'm trying to get hold of Robert Dennis' e-mail address, as I've been on friendsreunited and refuse to pay five pounds for it. Can you let him know I have Rach's e-mail address as I know he want's it, so tell him to get in touch with me. Lots of Love Ally. XXX


Record: 220 Thursday, 02 May 2002 17:53PM
Name: Kat Boyce
Comments: Have a look at and support your website!!


Record: 219 Wednesday, 01 May 2002 15:19PM
Name: Jason John Young
From: Lincoln,Lincolnshire
Referred by: I was told about the site
Comments: First visit to the website at long last,i am going get my ugly face on here soon ahhh!  would just like to say this site is fantastic keep up the good work everyone


Record: 218 Monday, 29 April 2002 18:15PM
Name: Robert Dennis
From: Lincolnshire
Referred by: Let me think..... Maggie told me about it but I blistered my entire Raison Detre trying to access it, you silly great haystack!
Comments: Well just a note to say hello and good luck for future events, i seriously enjoyed working with memebers of the Pheonix Players in Outside Edge and hope to work with them soon! Also could i take this opportunity to barrate Ruthy into directing us in a performance as I for one would truely enjoy being directed by her and i'm sure other members and would-be members would enjoy it also.


Record: 217 Saturday, 27 April 2002 17:02PM
Name: Kat Boyce
From: London
Comments: Well done to all on outside edge. Great party! Just been to Imperial War Museum with SLT youth theatre. AAArrrrggghhh!!!


Record: 216 Thursday, 25 April 2002 17:45PM
Name: marion thompson
e-mail: Marion2@bushinternet
From: grantham
Referred by: link Cant remember which one.
Comments: Congratulations on winning all those awards.It couldnt have happened to a nicer chap! Keep up the good work


Record: 215 Monday, 22 April 2002 09:42AM
Name: Chris Hughes (the male one)
From: Middle Rasen, UK
Referred by: Used it before!
Comments: Just a quick note to the cast, director and crew of 'Outside Edge'
- Well Done! an absolutley fantastic performance, and a very well chosen
cast. The whole evening was a wonderful experience. (I was the one in the
audience with the green hair...)


Record: 214 Sunday, 21 April 2002 14:31PM
Name: Kat
From: london
Referred by: Tis on my favourites (crawl, crawl)
Comments: Well done to everybody in Outside Edge - really enjoyed it. Smashing to see you all! Love u lots, great party!


Record: 213 Wednesday, 17 April 2002 15:38PM
Name: Charlotte Broughton
From: Lincoln
Referred by: I look at it regularly!
Comments: I would like to say to the cast of Outside Edge, "Break a leg" I look forward to seeing a great performance.


Record: 212 Sunday, 14 April 2002 18:07PM
Name: Simon Rigler
From: New Forest, England
Referred by: yahoo search engine
Comments: I just wanna say well done to a fine actor for finally getting the recognition he deserves! It'll be Best Actor next time...


Record: 211 Friday, 12 April 2002 21:36PM
Name: oggy doggies
From: in hiding!!!!!!!!
Referred by: We look at owners profiles as they're always at the Theatre
Comments: We are horrified that some LRP members are determined to eat one of us Hoggs.  In reply to Charlotte's comment we are never hot dogs because that would involve exercise!!!
Your website is wonderful Patrick could we have a profile?
Stanley did audition for ToTo in the Wizard of Oz but was scared by the children!!!! so deserves one.
We hope to receive a full apology from the offending members. (Not too mention lots of fuss) and hope that they will then use your guestbook in the appropriate manner and comment on how marvelous it is in the future!!!!!!!
Yours very faithfully,
Stanley Hogg, Holly Hogg and Piggy Hogg.
(Poor Stanley is really poorly now because of his delicate nature)


Record: 210 Wednesday, 10 April 2002 11:00AM
Name: Charlotte broughton
From: Lincoln
Referred by: I look at it most days. I think I was originally informed about it by a bloke called Patrick!
Comments: I have noted Lisa's comment but I am afraid to say that none of the Hoggs would offer their services, so we will have to make do with Burgers, Hot Dogs, Ices etc.
There are a few Hogg Dogs, I wonder if they would offer?


Record: 209 Tuesday, 09 April 2002 11:28PM
Name: Oggy
From: Tealby
Comments: Lou's 18th Birthday Party -  Saturday 13th April @ Grafton House, Lincoln  @ 7.30pm  -  All friends welcome (but no under 16's please)

No Lisa there isn't a hog roast here either!!!!! apparently we're a protected rare breed!!!!!!!


Record: 208 Monday, 08 April 2002 11:35AM
Name: Lisa Langston
From: Lincoln
Referred by: very nice
Comments: I note with interest that there will be a Hogg Roast at the Jubilee Fete. Which Hogg exactly will we be roasting?


Record: 207 Friday, 05 April 2002 20:43PM
Name: Sam Nutting
From: Holton-cum-Beckering
Referred by: I'm a member
Comments: The theatre is one of the few things in life which i really enjoy. God bless all members - especially Julie Hogg and family, Charlotte and David, Pauline and Siobhan, and Pam. p.s. great work Patrick(but, i wasn't a girl of oz!).


Record: 206 Tuesday, 02 April 2002 19:51PM
Name: Ben
From: Faldingworth, (down the road!)
Referred by: Trying to find embarrasing pictures of people i know..( If there out for revenge, mines not been taken yet!)
Comments: Someones done a good job on the website....i would like to comment on the vivality of Samantha Talbot's hair, (hee hee) thats definatly worth a look!!! I liked the Jim Broadbent section, and would like to offer my congratulations on his oscar winning performance. Im already a member of the youth theatre, so theres not a lot else to say....... exept SNARF, (only 1 other member of the youth theatre knows what this means!!!) 


Record: 205 Monday, 01 April 2002 07:33AM
Name: Steve Sloane
From: Lake Arrowhead, California, USA
Referred by: BBC Home Page
Comments: Wow! The Academy get it right for a change (they don't seem to do that very often, do they). Well done Jim! I personally thought Jim should have gotten a nomination for Topsy-Turvy, and won it. It's nice to see a down to earth bloke getting recognition; this industry needs more people like Jim to bring it down to earth. An incredible career from an actor who can actually act (most play themselves, I think). Here's to many more roles for Jim, and a few more Oscars wouldn't hurt either. Any suggestions for 'wanna-be' actors like myself ? Best Wishes.


Record: 204 Sunday, 31 March 2002 05:51AM
Name: Dario De Hoyos
From: Coahuila, Mexico
Referred by: BBC News
Comments: Congratulations, Academy Award Winner Jim Broadbent, when Marcia Gay Harden say: "and the Oscar goes to.. Jim Broadbent" i just scream, a big scream,  i am very happy. Congratulations again.


Record: 203 Sunday, 31 March 2002 02:32AM
Name: Nancy Pearlstein
From: Staten Island, New York, USA
Referred by: yahoo
Comments: Dear Jim,
I have been trying to send you a fan letter for what seems to be an eternity. You are a fantastic actor and I wish I could finally get an address on you. Anyone reading this who might be able to assist, please email me.
Thanks, Jim, and congrats on the long deserved Oscar.


Record: 202 Friday, 29 March 2002 16:16PM
Name: Chris Kennedy
From: Reading,England
Referred by: BBC News
Comments: Dear Jim
As an O.L. and fellow class - mate(1962-1967),many,many congratulations on your Oscar - it was richly deserved by a very fine actor.
Like other O.L.s I have been following your amazingly successful career - and now an Oscar!!
My family and I especially enjoyed your role in Moulin Rouge.
I clearly recall you were pretty adept at acting at school both in and out of the class-room!! I always enjoyed your very good sense of humour which helped make some of the more boring lessons pass more quickly!
Do you see or hear of any of the O.L.s from our year?It would be good to get in touch with some of them again -I recall Fred Seebolm,Peter Roberts,Benjie Foot,Jonathan (Shrimp)Goodbody,Mark Chesterton,Nick Lucy to name a few - so if any of them read this do get in touch.
Me? Brief facts below:-
1973 - Qualified as solicitor with practice in Reading
1974 - Married with 2 sons (18 & 16 and both film addicts!)
2002 - plan to retire from the law to pursue other  interests.
Sorry to ramble on somewhat but just had to get in touch to say very well done!
I doubt whether you have much time now , but if and when you do, drop me a line sometime.It would be good to hear from you and any other O.L. of our vintage.
Best wishes
Chris Kennedy


Record: 201 Thursday, 28 March 2002 10:11AM
Name: Giles Mortimore
From: Wantage Oxfordshire
Referred by: Haven't a clue! Accident I think! Was looking for the Pamela Anderson site!!
Comments: Congrats on the Oscar! Thought you were good in the Peter Principle (Just what is the Rio Special?) So, now for a rock n roll drug crazed lifestyle with the international bright young set on Sunset Strip (and why not)


Record: 200 Wednesday, 27 March 2002 23:25PM
Name: Michael Hunt
From: Rome, Italy
Referred by: search engine
Comments: Well Done Jim. The American Academy obviously have good taste. I thought all the acting in Iris was fantastic, you really do deserve Oscar (So did Judi and Kate!) All the best - Mike (p.s I hope Martin doesn't read my last message, fancy spelling his surname wrong!)


Record: 199 Wednesday, 27 March 2002 10:32AM
Name: Andrew Gray
From: Newtownards
Referred by: Search engine
Comments: Well done on the oscar Jim. Stone the Crows!!!!!!!!


Record: 198 Tuesday, 26 March 2002 21:45PM
Name: Amanda
From: The Matrix
Referred by: Yahoo
Comments: Hello! Great Jim site. I'm going to link you to my Baz Luhrmann site ( If you would do the same I would greatly appricate it!


Record: 197 Tuesday, 26 March 2002 05:06AM
Name: Doug Studney
From: Winnipeg, Canada
Referred by: yahoo
Comments: I was very pleased to see Jim receive B. Sup. Actor. I wish he could have received another for Moulin Rouge. I'll never get that version of Like a Virgin out of my head.


Record: 196 Monday, 25 March 2002 23:33PM
Name: Dave & Barbara Larder
From: Ex Lincs Now Adelaide
Referred by: Go Eureka
Comments: Well done, Jim! Poms always make the best actors, and Jim is one of our very best. Good luck to the Theatre for your next season


Record: 195 Monday, 25 March 2002 22:13PM
Name: Marion Plenderleith
From: Scothern, Lincoln
Referred by: Known about it since its inception.
Comments: I've loved Jim's work since "The Crying Game" and "Only Fools and Horses" and am proud to be a member of the Broadbent Theatre which carries his name.  No-one deserves an Oscar more than this very fine actor and modest man.
Congratulations and well done, Jim


Record: 194 Monday, 25 March 2002 21:21PM
Name: laurie broadbent walmsley
From: stratham nh
Referred by: search engine/prodigy
Comments: Wow!!! It was so great to see Mr Braodbent get the Oscar!!!
As a fellow Broadbent it was a thrill to see! I loved you in all your movies this year!!! Keep them coming!!!!


Record: 193 Monday, 25 March 2002 21:00PM
Name: Chris Broadbent
From: Sutton surrey
Referred by: i saw the theatre on Sky news on Monday 25th March
Comments: i have just seen the theatre on the televison and i am just  interested in the surname connection.I am a member if the Banstead Little theatre in surrey and just thought i would drop a line to say hello. here to good audiances for your forthcoming production of Outside Edge.


Record: 192 Monday, 25 March 2002 20:59PM
Name: Jim Broadbent
From: Boston, Ma.  USA
Referred by: yahoo
Comments: congradulations to a fine actor with a great name, my name is also Jim Broadbent, I am a standup comedian in Boston, and I know numerous Jim Broadbents


Record: 191 Monday, 25 March 2002 20:45PM
Name: mick sharp
From: little carlton lincs
Referred by: BBC NEWS
Comments: From one quiet man to another, well done Jim.


Record: 190 Monday, 25 March 2002 18:56PM
Name: Nastar
From: Hull
Comments: Well done for the Oscar, Jim! You were fantastic in Moulin Rouge and I can't wait to see Gangs of New York.


Record: 189 Monday, 25 March 2002 15:23PM
Name: David Chambers
From: Los Angeles
Referred by: BBC online
Comments: Mr. Broadbent,
We first saw you in _The Crying Game_ and have followed you ever since.
Congratulations on a well deserved win for this as any other of your movies.
We await your further films - and further awards.
All the best from Los Angeles.


Record: 188 Monday, 25 March 2002 06:17AM
Name: Dee Reynolds
From: New Zealand
Referred by: Search engine
Comments: The Oscar you should have won for Mr Boo!    Well done from a very dedicated group of Jim Broadbent fans in the Antipodes.


Record: 187 Monday, 25 March 2002 03:23AM
Name: Mike Green
From: London England
Referred by: MSN search engine
Comments: Back on 21st January I wrote the following in this guestbook: "Congratulations to one of Britain's finest character actors on the Global Globes award. Truly well deserved recognition. I thought Jim's performance in "A Sense of History" was absolute magic. Now here's to an Oscar?"

So, Jim, how's Uncle Oscar looking? Like many, many of your fellow countrymen and women who are lovers of the dramatic arts, I wish you all the very best on your well-deserved Academy Award.


Record: 187 Monday, 25 March 2002 03:20AM
Name: Roy "Griff" Griffis
From: Blue Jay, CA, USA
Comments: First became aware of Mr. Broadbent when I saw "Life is Sweet."  Although to my American ears the accents were nearly impenitratable, the warmth and humanity of the entire film came through...especially Mr. Broadbent's wonderful portrayal.  Just heard he got the Oscar...well done, well deserved.  Have enjoyed him in everything I've seen him in.


Record: 186 Monday 25th March 2002 03:14AM
Name: Kat Boyce
From: London
Comments: WAAHHHEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Well done Jim!!!!!!!!!!


Record: 185 Saturday, 23 March 2002 16:37PM
Name: Michael Hunt
From: Rome, Italy
Referred by: searched for Jim broadbent on hotmail search
Comments: I was lucky enough to be Jim's Stand-in on Martin Scorse's epic film Gangs of New York (released this July)I was a big fan of his before actually meeting him(who can forget his performance in Life is Sweet,Bullets over Broadway...) when he turned out to be one of the nicest actors on the film set,I became an evan bigger fan! Congratulations Jim for your well deserved Bafta win, and good luck with the Big one on Oscar night- I'll keep my fingers crossed.
 Roll on July, Broadbent fans will be totally entertained with another complex Character by masterful Jim - The new Peter Sellers (but much nicer!!!)
p.s- Any chance signing the photograph Sona took of us? If you should read this!All the best, Mike.


Record: 184 Wednesday, 13 March 2002 16:18PM
Name: Jace Janiero
From: New York, NY
Referred by: google search
Comments: How great to find this site on the incomparable Jim Broadbent! And how great to see all the recognition Jim is getting this year for what lots of us have known for many, many years. Congratulations on all the awards - you deserve every one of them, and more.


Record: 183 Saturday, 09 March 2002 14:11PM
Name: Marianne Mckinnon
From: Australia
Referred by: Just went on a web search saw the movie 1 hour ago
Comments: Dear Jim My mums maiden name was Broadbent daughter of Leslie son of samuel andf I think grandson of part of a trapeze act called Broadbent and Lane who toured with Werths Circus. Only mention this because you look so much like my Grandfather Leslie, and by the way I am also an artist. Regards Marianne ( have just watched Moulin Rouge for the second time, what a visual feast!)


Record: 182 Sunday, 03 March 2002 19:50PM
Name: alan stoney
From: Kerpen Buir-Germany
Comments: As the author of Sleeping Beauty which I and my wife had the pleasure of seeing during our recent holiday in the UK, may I say CONGRATULATIONS to all connected with the show.
Although written to take into account events here in Germany at that time, there were practically no variations to the plot.  Julie Hogg did a splendid job.
What can one say about the cast ? From me, nothing but praise. 
As a first time 'Dame', Richard Scuffham had me rolling in the aisle.  To be a 'Dame' is not easy and only by believing in the character can one 'pull' it off. Richard did just that.
'Bertie' holds the show together. Nigel Dring did just that and had everyone on his side from start to finish. A splendid chartacterisation Nigel.
I wouldn't wish Lisa Langston to be my enemy.  'Gravia' is a really super character part and Lisa played it to the full and gave it all she had.  All I can add is super super super.
Rachel Troughton WAS 'Tania'. I couldn't wait for her every appearance. Played with a great deal of charm and conviction, let me just say Rachel, "do take part in another show".  I understand this was your very first show.
Byron Scott.  'Louis'  What can I say?  Splendid. If you do get a chance to get in to TV - take it.  All the best started on the am dram stage.
Malcolm Worth, the King, Christine Hughes, the Queen, although small parts, played with conviction and obviously with a great deal of enjoyment. Take on bigger role's next time.
Siobahn Hustler and Rachel Hogg as the Princess and Prince  respectively, as the principal characters in the panto came over just right and were very convincing throughout.
Tom Howard as the Master of Ceremonies was cast just right for the part.  You could however Tom take on a bigger tougher part.
Can we hire the Minstrel and her/his assistant some time?  I had to add these two characters as fillers in order to change settings, and I now wish I had had Mel Bolus and Julie Hogg in my show.  Marvelous.
Malcolm Worth and Peter Langston fitted the character parts just right.   
Phoebe Nicholls, Nichaela Taylor, Peter Langston, and Alick Howard were just right as the cooks and obviously were getting a great deal of enjoyment out of their character parts.  Well done.
Laura Holmes and Emily Barratt as maids of honour, although very small parts are important to this kind of panto and both girls were cast just right.
Settings and costumes. GREAT. Absolutly right for the show and well done all concerned.
Let me end by saying again -- Well done everyone.
Most sincerely.  Alan Stoney


Record: 181 Thursday, 28 February 2002 17:36PM
Name: John & Margaret
From: Little Carlton. Louth
Referred by: From a friend
Comments: Absolutely delighted you got a BAFTA to go with your Golden Globe.  You deserve it. Our money is now on a hatrick.!!! We have put another bottle of bubbles in the fridge ready for your visit, dont leave it too loooong.!!  You can have a couple of Hamlets as well.!!  Hope you are both well. Lots of Love  John & Margaret


Record: 180 Wednesday, 27 February 2002 19:54PM
Name: Mark Lakin
From: Lincoln, UK
Referred by: Search Engine
Comments: I'm a final year Media Production student from the University of Lincoln. As part of my degree, my production group are making an as yet untitled 10min drama, for which we need four males actors and one female actress, all aged between 30-40.  We hope to enter it into film festivals this summer. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Mark Lakin (Producer)
Mobile: 07713384323


Record: 179 Wednesday, 27 February 2002 10:50AM
Name: oggy
From: Tealby
Comments: Just to say a big thank you to the cast and crew of Sleeping Beauty.  It was a real team effort and what a team!!  I'm really pleased that the panto was such a success, and I really enjoyed working with you all. It was so nice to have such a supportive bunch to work with and I actually missing you guys!!

Love Julie x


Record: 178 Tuesday, 26 February 2002 12:42PM
Name: mary-ellen rich
From: folkesotne
Comments: I have to say the whole cast did exceptionally well this year in the panto.  It was fun and enjoyable and I shall definately be up again this year.  Siobhan being biased I thought you did well and looked absolutely beautiful in the wedding dress.  Congratulations to all of you who looked great acted finely and the adlibbing was a definate added bonus especially when the end came off the staff!  I think it must also be said well done to all the crew behind the scenes from the costume makers, sound, lighting front of house (who made everyone feel welcome) and scene makers. For a small theatre you gave a huge performance.
Congratulations to one and all.
Siobhan I am going to show Steve what you thought of his golf sites?!?
All the best


Record: 177 Monday, 25 February 2002 20:23PM
Name: Alan & Ruth Vickerman
From: Manby, Louth, Lincs, UK
Referred by: search engine - Google
Comments: Congratulations, Jim, on your Golden Globe, BAFTA, and nomination for an Oscar. You've worked hard for them, and I'm sure they are fully deserved.
Are you going to have time for some golf this year?
Best wishes, Alan & Ruth


Record: 176 Sunday, 24 February 2002 21:24PM
From: Alton, Hampshire, England
Referred by: GOOGLE


Record: 175 Friday, 22 February 2002 22:36PM
Name: siobhan
From: wragby
Referred by: i is da member
Comments: Hi I'd love to say congratulations to the whole cast and i miss you loads already! Especially the arguments and laughter. Julie you did a fabulous job with us and in controlling Nigel and you did wonders with the panto too!
Nigel, Byron and Racheal.T i love you loads and hope to see you again next year or sooner i have to go cos my step-dad wants to go on boring golf sites see you soon love you foggy.

   All my love siobhan
               (if theres any kids reading this come and see wwhat you think to the youth theatre it's great & you'll love it!!) Samantha you owe me a tenner now


Record: 174 Thursday, 21 February 2002 16:38PM
Name: MEL


Record: 173 Thursday, 21 February 2002 15:57PM
Name: theresa hawkins
From: market rasen
Referred by: from theatre
Comments: the site is looking great as usual. just like to say well done to everyone in the panto it was brill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Record: 172 Wednesday, 20 February 2002 15:28PM
Name: Nigel
From: Lincoln
Referred by: underneath a stone by the river
Comments: Just a note to all the cast of Sleeping Beauty, we did it!  well done and thank you.


Record: 171 Sunday, 17 February 2002 18:54PM
Name: Chris Hughes
From: Market Rasen, Lincs
Referred by: Son of Christine Hughes!
Comments: the panto was fantastic! very well cast - and I have to say, Richard does camp roles worryingly well...


Record: 170 Thursday, 14 February 2002 19:13PM
Name: Tina Nelms
From: Austin, Texas
Referred by: google
Comments: Isn't he great!  He's my new favorite actor.  When I saw him receive an award for IRIS, my first thought was that can't be the guy from Moulin Rouge and Topsy Turvy and Little Voice.  What a talent.


Record: 169 Thursday, 14 February 2002 16:43PM
Name: Deborah Dewberry
From: Atlanta, GA
Referred by: Search for Jim Broadbent on Google.
Comments: I've been smitten with Mr. Broadbent since I saw Topsy Turvy. Have watched it 10 times, with my three-year-old daughter (who's also a great fan). Now I remember him in so many other films! We have nothing like him in the U.S., such a totally diverse and brilliant performer! So it's great that our film industry has him by the short ones, apparently. Congratulations on the Golden Globe. Hope an Oscar is next. We love you.


Record: 168 Sunday, 10 February 2002 21:45PM
Name: David Broughton
From: Lincoln
Referred by: from way back
Comments: and many, many thanks also (see below) to Helen, Pauline and Charlotte and members of the cast for the marvelous costumes - full of colour and pantomime. The three performances on Saturday, all to packed houses, were wonderful! Many, many thanks!


Record: 167 Thursday, 07 February 2002 10:15AM
Name: lisa langston
Referred by: Patrick goes on and on and on about it
Comments: its not often in any theatrical review that the backstage crew are mentioned before the performers. this has happened with sleeping beauty, all credit goes to Patrick, David, emma et al, david and tina for turning the broadbent into a myriad of sound, colour and light, oh and we actors turn up too! its been good to work on an ensemble production again where individual innovation is encouraged. The Broadbent is happy.


Record: 166 Wednesday, 06 February 2002 15:39PM
Name: Mary-Ellen Rich
From: Folkestone, Kent
Referred by: daughter told me
Comments: To all the cast for Sleeping Beauty.  Break a leg (not literally Siobhan) and enjoy.  Looking forward to seeing the show.
All the best



Record: 165 Wednesday, 06 February 2002 00:52AM
Name: Joanne Broadbent Lorello
From: Ipswich, MA  USA
Referred by: google
Comments: Nice site! Nice name for a theatre!  Names aside, our family has always loved Mr. Broadbent's work and we wish your theatre company the best.


Record: 164 Sunday, 03 February 2002 04:32AM
Name: Lynn S. Salls
From: Charlotte, North Carolina US
Referred by: Search on Jim Broadbent via
Comments: I first saw Mr. Broadbent when PBS aired a black and white satire of a 'gentleman' land owner who summarily did away with his family. I wish I could remember the name of the piece. It was wonderful. Could you help me with that title?


Record: 163 Saturday, 02 February 2002 19:33PM
Name: Kat
From: London
Referred by: Its on my favourites!
Comments: Just thought as I was on the site I'd better say break a leg to everybody taking part in this years panto. Have lotsa fun and I look forward o sseing you all next Saturday.


Record: 162 Saturday, 02 February 2002 17:44PM
Name: Bob Hewis
From: Vienna, Austria
Referred by: Search engine
Comments: Hello to friends old and new at the Broadbent. Good to see it's still thriving. Many happy memories! As an update to my biography, I am living and working in Vienna. Why? It's a long story... If you drop by, I'll be glad to show you around! See you one day soon maybe


Record: 161 Sunday, 27 January 2002 12:28PM
Name: Thomas Irmler
From: Kobe, Japan
Referred by: Yahoo
Comments: For Nicole.

This is supposed to become a totally Bohemian movie review. Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrmann (20th Century Fox, 2001) has been the only movie in the last 20 or so years that I went 6 times to the cinema for. During all those years I didn't watch any other movie more than once, be it Ghost or Bodyguard or Titanic or any other. However, when I saw Moulin Rouge for the first time, at the beginning of December 2001, 5 minutes into it, I asked my wife "let's go home". This was when Christian starts to sing "Sound of Music". What, I thought, has a song of the 50s to do with a story set in 1899 Paris? My wife said, that she's gonna see this movie. OK. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I couldn't. When the moon sings over Christian and Satine to "Your song", I still thought, "we're being treated to some kitsch here". After a short while, when my wife bent over and whispered "OK, let's go home" (she told me later, that this wasn't because she disliked the movie - she also watched it 6 times - but in order not to torture me any further), I just mumbled something of me now seeing this movie, without taking my eyes off the screen. Just put your old European expectations of how a movie set in 1899 Paris has to look aside for a moment and be open for something new, I told myself. - To tell the truth, however, in the meantime Satine had appeared alone in her room at night, looking like, what I imagine, the ancient Greek goddesses of youth, beauty and love put together into one person must have looked like. - I had gotten some affection for Satine. This went so far - believe this - that, when in December 2001 the radio reported, that bush fires had encircled Sydney, Australia, my heart stopped for three seconds, and I thought, "Is she OK?" Of course, I immediately scolded myself "Satine and Nicole Kidman are two quite different persons, Thomas." Nevertheless every time the following days, when I heard about those nasty bush fires, it bothered me. Really. (To be sure, Thomas is the name of the author of this little essay.)

Well, back to the Moulin Rouge. What was it that had touched me so deeply, that I went six times to see it? By the way, I also became the proud owner of the soundtrack CD, the picture catalog (in Japanese, which I can barely read) and the Moulin Rouge mouse pad. ("Never knew I could feel like this.")
It might have been, because I could personally relate to the story. Many years ago, there was me, in the role of the boy, and then there was she. We fell in love. Next the girl was almost gonna "end up on the street", literally. She was an expat student and had to move out of the cheap dormitory, without the means to get into another flat while continuing college. I was the young, penniless student, whose graduation and money making was still a few years in the future. Then a he turned up, who she had at least known for years already, as she proved to me with photographs. He had just graduated and was about to get a job. She invited me to his graduation party. I invited her to my birthday party, where she showed up together with him. After some time, he had gotten the point, and invited her to move together with him to that new, large flat with enough separate room for the both, as she told me. But even after they had finally moved, I refused to get the point. We continued to call and see each other. So, once she invited me to their new place and showed me around, including their common bedroom. At that moment, I felt like poor Christian, when Satine was in the gothic tower ("I don't want you to sleep with him" - Ewan McGregor, I felt exactly like Christian.). Yeah, like several megatons of explosives going off inside my body. Went over my budget to drive back to the dorm by taxi, sitting there all the time with the hands pressed against my face, inside of me the vast ground zero. What might the driver have thought? We continued to call each other. One day, she called me and invited me for a cup of tea to their place on this afternoon. I went there. After an hour, he came back from work. On this day, a large spaceship had exploded 73 seconds after takeoff. The three of us speechlessly watched a TV screen showing a seemingly flawless takeoff into a blue, bright sky, then suddenly a huge cloud of fire and smoke, and then debris raining down into the sea. I walked back to the dorm, 2 hours through an icy January night. Hope, that she's happy now and if she finds this on the Net, can have a big laugh. She's always liked big laughs. I had my laugh, too.

It might have been the music, what drew me to this movie. Tunes that I knew and loved, some since my teen days, like "Your song" and "Lady Marmalade" and "Up where we belong" and most of the others. My mother tongue not being English, I had only known and loved the tunes, however in this movie, for the first time, the pronunciation being so clear, I understood the words and found it to be such beautiful poetry.

Well, was it Satine? Satine, the gorgeous cabaret performer, Satine, the hungry can-can dancer trying to get a duke interested in her, Satine, the mind-blowing "smoldering temptress" in the elephant, Satine, the wonderful team player in the presentation of the show to the duke, Satine in the scene on top of the elephant, where she's not a cold, cynical courtesan, but a soft and sweet young woman, trying in vain to hide her feelings, with a wonderful soprano voice ("You'd think, that people would've had enough of silly love songs"), Satine, the young girl having fun being in love (in the scene when Zidler detects her kissing in the gallery), Satine, the caring older sister, trying to explain to Christian, that they've got to end it, after he had gotten mad at her for her the night before failing to hike over to his damp, dirty room to spend the night with him, Satine, the grand dame in the gothic tower ("I indulge in his fantasies, because he's talented"), Satine, the loving woman driven to the edge, after Christian has let her down so badly (proposing a mere "let's run away" and sending her back to the Moulin Rouge "to collect her belongings, nobody must see her, you understand", when she cries in his arms, and not even getting the point when she cues him a second time the other morning "the duke has promised me everything", then he a hollow "there must be something else". Well, there is. Look for it inside of yourself, Christian.). For the rest of my life, when I hear the tune "Rhythm of the night", I'll see Satine on the dance floor of the Moulin Rouge in a dream of pink feathers. Nicole Kidman, I was impressed, as I never was before in my life.

Was it the plot? Toulouse's (John Leguizamo) plot, so simple, brutal and effective as usually only real-life plots are. Use Satine to make both the duke and the writer hot, and play them against each other, to get the best out of both for the show. Towards the end, when Toulouse once again turns the heat up on Christian ("I know it with every fiber of my being, she loves you, she loves you"), does he know, that the duke has threatened to kill Christian? It appears, that Toulouse hasn't heard yet of that threat, which the duke had already made, however having seen the duke's moves up to that point, it probably wasn't too difficult for Toulouse - capable of getting such a plot off the ground - to figure out, what his next move would be. What Toulouse does know at this point is, that Christian isn't a Bohemian, but rather a bourgeois, one of the shabby sort.

Was it the exposure of human weakness? The weakness of us mortals to understand fast enough, what the next move of the other person must be, to see the potential of the current situation to be turned for the good. I came to this when thinking about, who the bad guy and the hero of the story are. The bad guy is Christian. Christian, the inexperienced boy. By the way, I found it refreshing to see a Christian in this movie, among all those live-savvy Daves, Sams and Bens, who crowd the silver screen in so many other movies. Christian sets off with "my gift is my song" and "all you need is love" and "I don't have much money" and "I'd buy you a big house". Well, that's fine for a start. He then gladly takes Satine's love for a couple of days or weeks, yet when a problem occurs - Satine telling him, that they've got to end it – he proposes just, that he won't get jealous if she sleeps with the duke, and to make another love song for her. Wasn't this the moment to come forward with a realistic proposal for their common future? In the afternoon of the same day, when the duke demands a new ending to the show - a tall order one day before the debut - he just stands there and watches his Satine walk towards the duke, very, very slowly. Wasn't this the moment for him to shout "OK, I'll write a new ending, I'll do it in one hour!" To run past Satine, to prostrate himself in front of the duke and beg him, beg him. The duke probably would have yielded. The show crew and the entire movie audience would have rejoiced, he would have been a hero. Just a few seconds ago, his new love song went like "there's no mountain too high, no river too wide, sing out this song and I'll be there by your side". Satine is walking towards the duke now, without you, Christian. Just 10 meters between you and her. What are you waiting for? Her call? See, Christian, this is one of those moments in life, when you alone have to figure out who you are, where you stand, what you can do, and yes, how to show, whether you deserve it, that this woman, this jewel, this treasure, lets you merge your genes with hers, and spend time and energy for your kids. (The latter the core of Christian's jealousy. Also one major objective that "we are living for". Otherwise the show wouldn't go on.) The mountain too high, Christian, may be, that you don't distinguish between life on stage and off stage. Letting the Indian courtesan choose the Maharaja on stage might well have left the possibility open for Satine to choose you off stage. The river too wide may be your memory of your dad shouting at you "you’re gonna end up wasting your life with a can-can ...". Boy, if you see her this way, boy, then. Don't call it love. Don't place orders. Run, boy, run. - Satine doesn't cue him now. Maybe she's become a bit cautious after her experience in the morning. So, after half a minute of almost unbearable silence, Satine reaches in front of the duke, and proposes a dinner for the both of them, the ending of the show to be decided between her and him after dinner. And Christian's got a few hours of bad suffering. Satine, too. In the same night, Satine comes to his room, and cries in his arms. She'd had a horrible experience with the duke. Wasn't this the moment for Christian to say "Have a seat, Satine, we'll work that out. I can give you a home. I can write songs, I can write show scripts, I can sing. I can work in a factory. I can sell hot-dogs in the street. We'll gonna make it, what do you think?" And they could have lived a Bohemian life happily ever after (even back in the 19th century, when intellectual property was still an alien concept in Europe, and artwork just worth the meals of the creator during writing). But what does he? Sends her back to the brothel to pack her things - "Let's run away. I'll wait for you here." And there, she of course gets picked up by her manager. Who tells her in no uncertain terms, what he thinks is gonna happen next. The other morning Satine gives Christian one more chance, begging him "the duke has promised me everything" - and draws another blank. So, some more even worse suffering for Christian, and also for Satine. What Christian next does to Satine, after she’s tried to get rid of him with a cold "you shouldn’t be here, Christian", in front of the entire show crew and the debut audience, is so mean, so horrendous, that even a hard-driving nightclub manager like Harold Zidler freezes up for a couple of seconds. Wasn't this the moment for the duke to get up from his warm, comfortable front-row seat, step onto the stage, take Satine in his arms, declare, that he's the real Maharaja, and that he's gonna marry her now, right on the spot. Probably to the roaring applause of the full audience. But no, it doesn't happen. Although he appeared to have had some affection for her. Or, if not the duke: Wasn't this the moment for Harold Zidler, playing the Maharaja, to lift Satine up from the floor, comfort her, and speak his wedding vows? But what does he? The first thing he does is collect the money strewn in front of her, next tell her, that "the show must go on" and then demand wedding vows from her. Satine finally gets up on her own, and starts to sing "The lover's secret song". No, no wedding vows from her. Christian, already on his way out, returns to her and comforts her in the final minute of her life. She dies on stage, from "consumption". The Japanese subtitles translate back as "tuberculosis", however isn't it rather, that she's been consumed by Harold Zidler, by the duke and by Christian? Consumed by trying to fill too many orders, by not being tough enough? Nobody could have prevented Satine from dying, however Christian could have made her remaining days happy ones. So she dies in the arms of a fool, her only hope being, that he at least tells her story truthfully, so that her suffering might not have been entirely in vain. Christian doesn't deserve to hold her in this moment; his tears are lies. Christian, the young, talented writer with the great voice, who got so much credit at the beginning ("he’s a genius", "he's got a gift with the women"), is at this point of the movie a big disappointment, a narrow-minded egoist, a mean liar. Satine is a hero, she's fought bravely for Christian's love, until the very end. She doesn't get rewarded. Hard to swallow for the onlooker.

Was it, that Christian seems - during the entire story - not to understand what he’s talking about when he says, "all you need is love", "love overcoming all obstacles". For him, love seems to mean mutual, or even one-way, affection, desire and, well, that chemistry of the bodies, which must match. However is that "all you need" – down here, where we "material girls" (and boys) need to tend to our worldly bodies every day, for an uncertain span of time? Aren’t there three more components to love to make that statement "all you need is love" true, to make it reality? One to be an expressed, realistic, long-term commitment to do a task together. Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet knows this. Christian promises only "I won't get jealous if you sleep with the duke". The other one will and discipline to overcome the obstacles, to keep "the show going on". Christian breaks his tiny promise on the day he’s made it. Romeo fails here, too, but in a different, more indirect way. The third one to see in the loved one a person, an individual, like oneself, whose way of thinking, whose aspirations, whose opinions, whose situation have to be understood and respected. Christian seems to think, that after he’s sung for his Satine a couple of love songs, she’s a piece of property, which jumps to short, sharp commands ("Where were you last night?", "I don't want you to sleep with him.")

Was it the tough manager Harold Zidler (Jim Broadbent)? A - unsung - hero in the story, who's still the fastest when it comes to turn an edgy situation to the good? With that dark, warm voice. When Satine falls during her performance and can't get back to the stage. When she coughs out her lungs on the evening the duke is waiting for her in the gothic tower. When, what had been a magnificent debut performance of "Spectacular Spectacular", some unforeseen events suddenly almost turn it into a complete disaster.

Was it the duke, the well-mannered gentleman (Richard Roxburgh)? Who knows his strengths and his weaknesses, therefore does his very best to win Satine's heart, even after he's practically bought her from Zidler. Until he looses composure completely in that fateful night in the gothic tower, when only an angel prevents him from committing a crime. Satine in the belief, that it had been her decision to sacrifice this night for the entire crew and for her Christian, the duke in the belief, that she knows Zidler sold her to him, in return for his part of the deal, which he had fulfilled.

Was it the message, that, if we tell the truth to each other (the other major objective that "we are living for". Without that, the show wouldn't go on, either.), our world will inch towards getting a better place, with less suffering? See, here is Christian telling the story of Satine and himself. How he failed and caused suffering. (It required Satine to cue her boy to do the telling. Her last wish.) Without pretense, without hiding, just what he saw, how he felt and what he thought. So that we can have a deep sigh of relief and a big laugh when it's over and done with, and can maneuver better, causing less suffering, through a similar situation, should it happen to us. Because we slow-thinking mortals had some time to figure out, what could have been done. By telling us the truth, Christian suddenly turns into a hero, in the last second of the movie. No scene showing how he gets rewarded for it. Not a hero, who kills all his competitors or robs all their property, shining after such a victory, no. A civilized hero, who had the courage and made the effort to tell the truth, so that society, civilization can move an inch or two forward.

Was it the message, that preventing somebody from telling the truth always has a counterproductive side to it? I came to this when thinking about the meaning of the handgun flying out of the window of the Moulin Rouge, hitting the Eiffel Tower before dropping into the river Seine. If the duke had killed Christian, Christian wouldn’t have been able to cause more suffering. Christian also wouldn’t have been able to tell us the truth. It’s up to Harold Zidler to make the judgement, to give Christian another chance.

Was it the screenplay? The magnificent composition of acting, of colors, of light, of blackness, of music and dance, of costumes and make-up, of zoom-ins and zoom-outs, of camera movements, of slow motion and fast motion, of taking into focus and out of focus, of poetry and brief dialogs, which hit the point with the force and precision of laser beams, to form one piece with all the parts fitting so exactly to each other, consistent in itself and gorgeous, almost overwhelming, like a classical symphony or a French palace of the 17th century. This screenplay combined with a story, which is hard to come to terms with, flavored with lovely comedy, leaves one after 135 minutes totally satisfied and unfulfilled at the same time. Be this by Baz Luhrmann's intuition or calculation, either way this movie is a very distinguished piece of art.

Was it the touching symbol of Satine being protected by a dark, good angel (Deobia Oparei), who catches her, when she falls during her performance, who punches a rapist off her, and who stabs Christian with such an utterly contemptuous glance when being asked to take Satine back to the Moulin Rouge?

Was it the symbols, whose meaning I didn't get even on the sixth attempt? The pigeons showing up here and there, especially those stoned ones, which are completely unimpressed by the mayhem going on in front of them when the duke chases Harold Zidler performing "Like a virgin".

Was it the outstanding performance of the entire crew of actresses and actors, who appear not to act, rather to live this story?

Was it Baz Luhrmann's extraordinary ability to create moods, atmospheres? The orgy-like exuberance of an evening at the Moulin Rouge; the embarrassment and unease, when Christian attempts to break Satine out of the team rehearsing with her "The lover's secret song"; the tension, when the debut performance of "Spectacular Spectacular" suddenly almost falls apart. This list is incomplete.

Was it the indirect, implicit way of how the story is told, which is so different from the direct, explicit way of other movies? This is what had almost made me walk out on it at first. I had expected a movie trying to recreate 1899 Moulin Rouge "how it really looked". Baz Luhrmann didn't do this. He used all the means of modern movie making, including computer imaging technology, to different purposes. No lengthy trading of small talk, complaints, accusations or insults, no explicit sex, no physical violence. The action happens between the minds, between the unexpressed thoughts and unspoken feelings of the characters. Fascinating.

Was it the intensity and wholeheartedness, with which the story is told? In this respect it reminded me of the play "Faust Part 1" of the German 18th century playwright Johann W. von Goethe, which I know from my high school days. The similarities between Goethe and Baz Luhrmann might not end here. Goethe's work forms a milestone in German literature. Baz Luhrmann's work might well turn out to be a milestone in movie making - for the entire globe, that is. Still being remembered, studied and performed a hundred or two hundred years from now. Courtesy of digital storage. I certainly believe so. By the way: In weight and depth of the story, Baz Luhrmann’s "Moulin Rouge" outdoes Goethe’s "Faust Part 1".

All right now. Hope I didn’t go too far. Still awake? Let's try to figure out whether this is really a Bohemian movie review. Freedom? Well, I took the freedom to write it and to send it out. Truth? I gave it my best shot. Beauty? I'm writing about Satine. Who in the world could be more beautiful than Satine? Love? Where's the love part? All you need is love da da da da dah, Love lifts us up where we belong, Love is a many splendid thing, Love is like oxygen, I was made for lovin' you, baby -Thomas, c’mon. Stay on the carpet. ("These silly writers are letting their imagination run away with them.") – Thomas, you're a little bit - blushing, aren't you?

January 20 thru 26, 2002
Thomas Irmler (author, all rights reserved)


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Comments: Congratulations on your Golden Globe Award, Jim. At last the world is recognising a fine actor! You have given us many fine hours of pleasure on TV and the Big Screen and it is good to know that pure talent is recognised among all the hype and celebrity of Hollywood! May you go from strength to strength. Or very Best Wishes, Glyn and Polly Digby.


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Comments: I have read Jim's biography with interest. Is he related to Dora Broadbent - better known as Dora Bryan - well known film and theatre actress? I am distantly related to Dora so the family link would be of interest.

Many thanks in anticipation.


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Comments: This morning I bought tickets for National Theatre of Brent's latest at the National Theatre, alas no longer starring Jim Broadbent as Wallace, but still a treat.  This afternoon I found myself sitting (almost) opposite Jim Broadbent on the Jubilee Line.  I wanted to say 'thanks for all the wonderful entertainment' but thought an actor doesn't need to be accosted on public transport.  So my thanks are here instead!


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Comments: J.B as Clancy in Widow's Peak - a benchmark performance from a very classy actor.  Jim's Irish brogue is done to perfection.  I'm looking forward to seeing him as John Bailey in 'Iris' soon.  Always a joy to see this great actor


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Comments: Best wishes from an old acquaintance.  Illuminatus! lives on. Yvonne Shea


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