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Ben Blyth

Talented young actor Ben made his debut on the Broadbent stage as a Simple servant back in 2002, highlighting his keen interest in Shakespeare from a young age. Since then he has toured the East Midlands with Romeo and Juliet and performed in the first play at the newly refurbished  Lincoln Drill Hall, King Lear.

He studied GCSE Drama (A*) and A-Level and Theatre studies (A) at William Farr Comprehensive School in Welton.  In 2008 he completed a degree in History and the University of Cambridge, achieving a high 2.i with honours. That's not to say that while he's been hauled up at Cambridge he's not found time to dabble with the dramatic arts.

As President of the College drama society he's performed many more times in roles ranging from the Shakespearian to the melodramatic. He has also recently turned his hand to writing a series of original sketch shows and even directing, with a successful May Week production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, on midsummer's eve, in the Christ's College Fellows' Garden.

Ben founded the Christ's Shakespeare Society, a society dedicated to performing free-to-air Shakespeare to all members of the public in stunning locations. Their first play, Romeo and Juliet, was a great success and achieved widespread acclaim. Future productions in the pipeline include a Hallowe'en performance of Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice in Lent Term, and a summer tour across Britain with Henry V.

Following one more year at Cambridge, and in an attempt to delay finding a "proper job", Ben will venture into the abyss that is professional acting.


LRP Productions
Much Ado About Clubbing The Bouncer October 2003
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Assistant Stage Manager May 2003
Cinderella Prince Charming, the handsome prince February 2003
The Merry Wives of Windsor Peter Simple, Slender's servant / Robert, Ford's Servant July 2002


Other Companies

Romeo and Juliet (Director, Mercutio) Christ's Shakespeare Company June 2008
Gorilla In A Coma (Co-writer/Co-director/Co-performer) CADS  
Some Gorillas Are bigger Than Others CADS  
No-one Messes With Gorillas CADS  
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Director/Oberon) CADS  
The Real Inspector Hound (Birdboot) CADS  
Heroes (Evil Fairy) CADS  
The House of Trousers (Willy McGregor) CADS  
Back To The Beagle (Charles Darwin) CADS  
Hamlet (Laertes) Lincoln Shakespeare Company 2005
King Lear (Edgar) Lincoln Shakespeare Company 2004
Romeo and Juliet (Mercutio) Lincoln Shakespeare Company July 2003