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John Males

Having done all sorts of stuff in his career from shop assistant to publishing copywriter to senior tourism manager, John is now a Teaching Assistant in Lincoln Christ's Hospital School, a job he says which knocks spots off anything he has done before.  He is available for starring roles in Hollywood for megabucks, otherwise not interested.  Well, he keeps thinking of doing something else at Wickenby, perhaps when he retires...


LRP Productions
The Winter's Tale Antigonus - Lord of Sicilia April 1995
Black Comedy Schuppanzigh April 1994
Oh! What a Lovely War! Member of the Company October 1993
Woobmerang James July 1986
Little Red Riding Hood Dame Trip January 1986
Semi-Detached Arnold Makepiece October 1985

John Males [Oct 1993]

John in Oh! What a Lovely War!